Gud Se Mitha Ishq 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 17th May 2022 Pari collapses worried for Neel. Family gets concerned and try to wake her up. Phool Singh captivates Neel and ties him to a pillar. His aides suggest him to kill Neel and throw him from the cliff.

Phool Singh says Neel must have informed his family that he is coming here, so he will wait till he marris Kajal and then free Neel.

Kajal gets ready for marriage and checks her mobile. She finds Neel’s missed calls and prays Mahadev for help. Pallavi walks to her and takes her out for the wedding mandap. Phool gets mesmerized with her beauty. Kajal prays Mahadev not to let her hope break down.

Neel regains consciousness and thinks he should save Kajal’s life like she saved his life. Panditji asks bride and groom to sit together for the wedding rituals. Kajal looks at devimaa’s idol and sits besides Phool.

Neel breaks a glass bottle and cuts the rope with its piece and escapes from there. Panditji asks Pallavi to perform the gantbandhan. Phool gets a call that Neel escaped and may reach him anytime. He orders his aide to not let Neel inside the temple at any cost.

In Delhi, family continues to worry for Pari. JD calls his Uttarakhand contacts and seeks their help to find Neel. Nutan asks Dhruv to call Satyakam and find out about Neel. Dhruv says he doesn’t want to stress Satyakam.

Nutan says Neel is his brother. Dhruv agrees to call Satyakam. Neel fights with Phool’s goons and reaches wedding venue calling Kajal. Phool gets angry seeing him. Kaju thinks she trusted him more than herself and knew he would come for sure. Neel tells Phool that he told him that he will not let him marry Kajal.

Kajal runs and hugs Neel. Neel wipes her tears and informs villagers that he is the one who was in the video and Kaju performed CPR to save him. He tells Pallavi that he is alive because of Kajal and will not let Kaju marry a cheap man like Phool. He reveals that he had reached Uttarakhand last night to inform truth to everyone,

but Phool tried to kill him. Phool shouts at him that he didn’t do any favor by coming here and challenges him to marry Kajal if he can. Neel stands silently. Phool laughs at him. Villagers support Phool and orders Neel to either marry Kajal or let Phool marry her or else they will kill Kajal. Neel agrees to marry Kajal.

He picks Devimaa’s sindhoor and applies it in Kajal’s hairline. Kajal thinks she knew Neel will never break her trust. Neel thinks he thought something and something else happened, he will protect Kajal from hereon.


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