Gud Se Mitha Ishq 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 26th April 2022 Kajal informs Neel, Dhruv, and Ritu that she knows a craftsman Jhuman chacha who can prepare their shown design lengha in 24 hours. Dhruv asks if a small time craftsman in a small workshop will prepare such a heavy lehanga in 24 hours, if she thinks he is a fool. Kajal says a person is known by his work,

Jhuman chacha’s designed clothes are supplied in Delhi, Mumbai, and many big cities. Ritu shows design Kajal says Jhuman chacha can prepare a better design, usually designers don’t stitch clothes on a sewing machine and order tailors to stitch it,

Jhuman get big orders from Delhi. Neel says she is right, big designers get the clothes stitched by small time tailors and sell them for high price with their label, he asks Dhruv to send him lehanga design so that he can go with Kaju and get the lehanga prepared. Dhruv says he should waste his time outside and let him waste time online. Neel leaves.

Pari adores herself wearing Bhoomi’s bridal veil. Ritu walks to her and asks if she liked the lehanga, she should go and apologize Bhoomi and thank her on Dhruv’s order. Pari sits silently. Neel accompanies Kaju and asks her to get him pahadi breakfast. Kaju agrees. He notices piles of stone and asks about them. Kaju explains in old days,

people use to pile stones and pray it as god, they follow the tradition even now. Neel excitedly asks if he also can try and piles up stones. Kaju helps her. Villagers get angry seeing Kaju with a city guy and badmouth about her. Kaju’s dupatta gets stuck in Neel’s hand. She feels embarrassed and takes it back.

Kaju takes Neel to Jhumman chacha’s shop who agrees to stitch the same lehanga within 5 hours. Neel gets happy and asks the price. Jhuman says 21000 rs. Neel asks Kaju to show the ATM to him. Kaju shows him ATM. Phool Singh passes by and notices Kaju standing. Neel holds Kaju’s hand. Phool Singh gets angry seeing that.

Kaju asks Neel not to touch her repeatedly. Neel says friends shakes hands, she is his friend now and extends a friendship hand. Kaju says he should befriend her if he can follow it, he is a tourist and will return back to city in 3-4 days, so they cannot be friends. She walks away asking him to have breakfast at a nearby dhaba.

Phool Singh holds Kaju’s hands and gets angry on her for mingling with a city guy who will befriend her and then fool her, so she should stay away from the city boy. He says he is protecting her since long and nobody can dare touch her, but she is letting the city boy touch her. Kaju pleads him to leave her hand. Neel returns and punches Phool Singh.

He warns Phool Singh to dare not touch any woman without her permission again. Phool Singh tries to attack him back, but Neel overpowers him again and trashes him brutally. Kaju pleads him to leave Phool Singh. Phool Singh warns Neel of dire consequences and walks away.

Neel then tongue lashes Kaju for not protecting herself. Kaju says she and her mother work for Phool Singh and will lose the job now because of Neel. She fears for Neel’s life and says Phool Singh is a very dangerous man. Neel says Phool Singh cannot harm him and asks her to inform him if Phool Singh troubles her again. Kaju stands crying. Phool returns to his shop where his aide gets angry seeing his condition and says he will kill the person who touched him. Phool Singh says he will handle the situation himself.

Bhoomi gets angry on Dhruv and complains that his sister ruined her lehanga and he didn’t say anything to his sister. Dhruv apologizes her. She throws pillows on her. Pari walks in and laughs seeing that. Bhoomi vents out her anger on Pari. Pari says she came to apologize her and while chatting calls her a fool. Bhoomi gets more angry hearing that. Pari hugs Bhoomi and tries to console her. Bhoomi pushes her away.

Pari panics. Neel comforts her and shows Bhoomi her new bridal lehanga. Satya tells Kaju that the dancer who was supposed to teach dance for sangeet ceremony backed off at end moment and requests her to arrange a dancer. Friend says Kaju herself is a trained dancer. Satya requests her to teach her dance and says one who helps others lives a meaningful life. Pari recalls Neel saying same.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari tells Kaju that Neel bro always protects her. Kaju say she is lucky to have someone like Neel in her life. Pari says Neel bro will protect even Kaju from hereon. Neel asks Kaju to listen to her heart from today and extends a friendship hand again. Kaju accepts.


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