Gud Se Mitha Ishq 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 29th April 2022 Kajal notices Neel hanging on a tree by the edge of a cliff and runs away to bring help. Neel calls Kaju for help. Chavi gets angry when Pari breaks things around and scolds Nutan for bringing Pari. Pari senses Neel in trouble and runs towards door when she clashes with Satyakam.

Satyakam asks if she will push her goodman da lantern uncle. Pari repeats she needs to meet her Neel brother. Kajal gets a rope from the car fuming that city people come here to die. She ties rope around her, throw the other end towards Neel, and asks him to hold it and come up. Neel slips. Kaju struggles to pull him up.

Satyakam tries to calm down Pari and says he will take her to Neel. Pari continues panicking. JD splashes water on Pari’s face. Satyakam confronts JD. JD says when an animal gets out of control, they need to do this to control the animal. Satyakam says Pari is a kid and not animal.

Pari continues pleading to let her go to Neel. Satyakam says he will take her to Neel. JD says she wants to go go picnic with Neel. Pari says she feels Neel is in trouble and wants to save him. JD shouts at her to shut up and asks Satyakam not to bother about Pari. Chavi takes Satyakam away. Nutan and Daadi try to calm down Pari. JD vents out his anger on Pari and orders that Pari will return to Delhi.

Kaju struggles to pull Neel up and starts bleeding. A few kids notice her and inform Dhruv and Bhoomi. They both rush to Kaju and pull up Neel. Dhruv scolds Neel why did he go down. Neel says someone pushed him down.

They notice his hands bruised and go to bring ointment and water for him. Kajal’s waist bleed due to rope injury and she writhes in severe pain. Neel thanks her for saving him and promises to be at her side whenever she needs him. Dhruv and Bhroom bring water and ointment for Neel and take him away ignoring injured Kajal.

Nutan and Rajath decide to return to Delhi with Pari. JD requests them to stay back for their son’s marriage. Dadai insists to let Pari stay back with them. JD denies. Chavi backs him and says since its Dhruv and Bhoomi’s attention, they should get an attention and not Pari, so they should take Pari away. Pari continues murmuring Neel. Chavi asks where is Neel.

Neel notices Kajal writhing in pain and walks to her, leaving Bhoomi irritated. Neel notices Kajal’s hand and waist injury and applies ointment on it. He then thanks her again for saving his life. Kajal says they are pahadi/mountain people and consider guests as god, so god shouldn’t thank. Neel insists to take her to doctor.

Bhoomi gets more jealous seeing that. Dhruv and Bhoomi return home and inform about Neel’s accident. Rajath says Pari sensed Neel in trouble and hence was adamant to meet him. Daada and Daadi head Pari to Delhi. Doctor checks Kajal and asks if she came alone. She nods yes. Neel enters and says he brought him and he is her friend. Their nok jhok starts.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel acts as losing consciousness.Kaju performs his CPR. Somone clicks their pics. Neel promises to help Kaju whenever she needs him. He slips. She holds his hand.


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