Gud Se Mitha Ishq 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 5th September 2022 Khuranas celerbate a festival. At night, Kaju changes her festival dress and asks Neel to change his dress as she is tired and wants to sleep. Neel gets romantic. She feels shy.

He reminds her that they need to visit his friend Nikhil’s house. She says she is really tired. He says she can rest and asks her to hug him tightly so as not to miss him until he returns.

She hugs him tightly and says she can sleep standing itself. He wishes her good night and leaves room. Pavitra stops him and says her room’s bedlight is not working and she can’t sleep in dark, if he can check. He agrees and walks to her room.

He checks lamp and says its fine. Pavitra says it got well due to his touch. He says its okay and tries to leave when he feels drowsy and falls asleep on her bed. Sh grins and messages Bhoomi that their plan’s part 1 worked, they will meet in the morning for part 2.

Kaju wakes up at night not finding Neel beside her and calls him. Pavitra disconnects call and messages that he is busy. Kaju falls back asleep. Pavitra thinks Kaju would be in shock seeing Neel in Pavitra’s bed.

Pari prepares breakfast in kitchen and creates a mess. Bholi walks in and asks why she messed up so much. Pari continues her mess. Nimrit with face pack applied calls her to get cucumber to mask her eyes. Bholi asks Pari about cucumbers. Pari shows they are on the countertop.

Bholi takes cucumbers for Nimrit. Nimrit starts shouting with eye burning and asks what did she mix in cucumber. Pari says she had mixed species in cucumber, why did Nimrit use it on her eyes. Nimrit scolds Bholi and asks her to do something. Pari throws water on Nimrit’s face and asks if she can open her eyes now, her idea never fails.

Kaju wakes up in the morning and thinks Neel woke up early and went out. Neel wakes up and finds himself in Pavitra’s bed. Pavitra says he himself came to her last night as he still loves her and married Kaju under pressure. Neel warns her to stop her nonsense. Kaju searches for Neel.

Bhoomi thinks Kaju should be ready for a shock. Dev is surprised that their manager Mr Kapoor resigned from job without any reason. Navdeep asks not to bother and accuses Kapoor of financial fraud. Dev assures Navdeep to get him out of debt soon. They both are about to leave for office when Pari walks To Dev and asks him to bring her doll’s clothes.

Dev agrees. Nimrit gives a day’s leave to Bholi. Pavitra continues that Neel still loves her and spent night with her. Neel refuses to believe. Pavitra says if he doesn’t want to accept his love for her, she will think it as her mistake and forget it. Kaju enters and asks what mistake.


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