Gud Se Mitha Ishq 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 7th July 2022 Madhur says he needs to build a new room at his house. Pari says why new room when they will stay together after marriage. Madhur says its for Dev as he must be shifting to their house after Pari’s marriage. Pari says he heard her mind and insists Dev to stay with them after marriage.

Neel walks to Pari and asks what is happening. Dev asks Pari to speak to Madhur and let him stand outside. Pari holds his hand and asks him to wait outside and not go home. He promises to stay outside and asks Madhur to speak to her.

Pari excitedly asks Madhur when will they marry. Madhur say she came to marry her and asks what is her favorite food. She says pizza, burger, ice cream, pasta, etc., but her family doesn’t let her have that.

Madhur says he will feed her pizza daily after marriage and keep her happy. Pari feels more happy and asks again when will they marry. He says soon. She asks if he will scold her if she sleeps till 2 a.m. and watches cartoon till late night. He says he will not scold her. She asks if he will feed her bitter medicine.

He says even he hates bitter medicine and asks if she will come on a long walk and play cricket with him. She says she doesn’t like hard work and would like to rest and enjoy a lot.

Madhur gets a call. He walks aside and picks call. His wife speaks to him and pleads him to get him out of the room as she feels afraid. Madhur says he took care of her until her father offered him dowry and without money he will not. He says he needs money and hence came to a mentally unstable girl’s house with an alliance. He says he cannot go ahead until she is alive and has a surprise for her.

He sends his goons who try to kill her. Kajal enters with water and is shocked to hear his conversation. Madhur gets tensed seeing her and tries to catch her, but she runs away. Pari asks if he liked hr song. He says her family woldn’t like if they stay together for long before marriage, so they should go down.

Kajal thinks she cannot Pari’s life being rude by Madhur and should inform Madhur’s truth to Neel. She walks to Neel when Soniya tells Neel that Pavitra is waiting for him and sends him away. She gives juice tray to Kajal to serve it to guests.

Kajal thinks who will listen to her now. Madhur returns to family holding Pari’s hand. Pari says she liked Madhur a lot and sang a song for him. He says he heard it and sings a wrong song. Pari says its the other one. Madhur tells his mother that he likes Pari. Khuranas feel happy hearing that. Madhur’s mother asks them to seek Pari’s opinion. Pari says she already accepted Madhur. Everyone congratulates each other and share sweets.

Kajal feel tensed seeing all that and thinks she needs to inform Neel about it immediately and searches for him. Daadi asks Pari to act shy as she is getting married. Pari says she doesn’t want to shy and just wants to marry.

Rajeshwar and Nutan thank Jaidev for searching alliance for Pari and requests him to get Pari married soon. Jaidev says Pari is like his daughter and promises to get her married the way she likes. Bhoomi thinks Pari would soon be gone from his life and next its Kajal’s turn. Rajender asks Madhur’s mother if she has any demand. Mother says she just needs Pari as her bahu. Madhur says he is fond of Pari’s singing.

Pavitra insists Neel to speak to her father. Neel says its Pari’s most important day and he will speak to her father later. Kajal rushes to him and says she needs to talk to him something important. Neel says he is busy. She say sit would be too late. Pavitra stops Neel and insists Kajal to speak in front of her. Kajal reveals that Madhur is already married.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel holds Madhur’s collar and informs family that Madhur is already married. Jaidev asks who informed him. Neel says Kajal heard his phone conversation with his wife. Madhur gives his phone and asks him to check his phone record.


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