Gud Se Mitha Ishq 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 7th September 2022 Pavitra hugs and thanks Neel for his help to upset Kaju. Kaju separate himself and says its okay.

Pavitra watches them silently. Neel tries to explain. Kaju says completely trusts him and its normal if a friend hugs another friend. Neel holds her hand and says he needs to talk. Pavitra grins hearing that.

Kaju says he is holding her hand tight means he wants to tell something important. Bhoomi walks to Pavitra and says she has breaking news for her, she got Neel and Kaju’s divorce papers already ready as Kaju will divorce Neel after she hears that Neel spent a whole night with Pavitra. She thinks Kaju will be out of her life forever.

Kaju shouts at Neel that he betrayed her. Whole family gathers. Kaju asks why did he marry her when he loves Pavitra. Neel says she is misunderstanding him. Kaju reveals family that Neel spent a night with Pavitra.

Whole family tongue lashes Neel for his infidelity. Kaju says Neel that he betrayed her and married her when he still loves Pavitra; she asked him to marry Pavitra, but he wanted to destroy her life. Family says he ruined an innocent girl’s life. Neel says he didn’t do anything.

Kaju says she understood Neel well and after a much thought, she has decided to leave him and his house immediately. Neel pleads her to stay back as he loves only her. Kaju runs away saying he is characterless. Kaju gets Neel out of his imagination and asks when did she say that he is characterless, why he is sweating so much.

Pavitra looks angrily at Bhoomi seeing her plan failing and walks away. Bhoomi walks to her. Pavitra says Kaju has hypnotized Neel and is controlling him. Bhoomi says even she can control Neel if she tells him that she is pregnant with his child. Pavitra likes her idea.
Dev returns home.

Parki runs and hugs him tightly. Dev asks what happened to her, why she and Nimrit were not picking his call. Pari says how could she pick as her phone is in the living room and she got stuck in a store room trying to get her doll from the storage space. She describes how she struggled to get down.

Nimrit says even she was injured trying to open a jammed door. Dev shows his concern for her. He then saves Navjot and other office staff’s numbers in Pari’s mobile and asks her to call them if she is in trouble. Nimrit says he need not worry as she will take care of Pari. Once Dev leaves, Nimrit thinks she can do anything to grab money from Dev.

Pavitra climbs a stool to pick a grocery box when she slips. Pavitra holds her on time. Kaju thanks her for he help. Pavitra says she had been to temple and brought prasad for all. Kaju takes prasad from her and says she will give it to everyone Pavitra thanks Kaju.

Bhoomi noties that and asks if she accepted defeat from Kaju so easily. Pavitra says she didn’t visit temple at all and is gaining Kaju’s trust to betray her. Bhoomi likes her idea. Pavitra says she will become Kaju’s best friend and then seek sacrifice from her.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel notices Navjot’s photo with goons and meets Dev to inform about it. Navjot interferes.


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