Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Updates

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Guddan asks the media to leave. AJ says to Alisha how weak will you make me? Guddan takes Alisha upstairs. Vikrant says this is just the beginning. Guddan gives Alisha a knife and says kill me and take your revenge. Kill me and avenge your mother’s death. I can’t see AJ like this. I felt so bad when I saw that shame on his face. You are his princess. Why are you making him cry? Alisha says these tears are the answer of your questions. I am burning. You killed my mom. AJ says you want to hurt the Guddan who was the right mother to you? We are not weak. We are just parents. Only kids can make parents this weak. We will save you even if you don’t want it. He holds Guddan’s hand. AJ takes Guddan from there.

Dadi prays. Laxmi says dadi please eat. She says this house feels like a battlefield. Why is God doing this to me. Laxmi says everything will be fine. Saru says this is all right. Dadi says shut up. Saru says a snake’s child is also a snake. It has to hiss. This is Guddan’s mistake. Why is she forcing to be Alisha’s mom. She can’t change a snake. God is doing right to us. Alisha must have started her next plan.

Alisha cooks kheer and says I got married. I have to make my first kheer. All of this pain to them.
Perv says AJ and Guddan will cry after eating this burned food. You are playing sixers all the time. You’re playing so well. Don’t kill them though. Alisha says you helped me. He says only I ordered the food and now you’re burning it. She says this food will serve as salt on their bruises. Perv says all the best. She leaves. Vikrant comes there and says idiot girl. Real fun would be when they all end up in hospital. He adds something in the food.

Guddan says to dadi, we can’t say no to the food. Please come eat. Dadi says our family is enemy of each other. Guddan says nothing would happen. Don’t worry about Alisa. I will bring her on right path. Alisha says eat. Stop the lectures. I made all this food. This is my first cooking after getting married. Guddan says we will all eat. Sit everyone. Alisha serves everyone food. Revati says I won’t eat this burned food. Perv whispers i have ordered food for us separately.
Everyone eats the burned food. Alisha says why are they not reacting? AJ coughs. Guddan gives him water. She says are you okay? Guddan says only good can win over evil. Vikrant wonders why is the medicine not working?

Vikrant comes to his room and says why didn’t the medicine affect them? They should have all fainted. Alisha comes in and says this is the vegetable they didn’t eat. I saw you mixing the medicine. What do you want to get? You do such a drama of being nice. you called media right? Your game is over. Tell me what’s your mission. Vikrant graps her hair and says I have more enemies than your age. Don’t threaten me. I wanted to send them all to the hospital. What will you do? The case the you filed on me, I knew about your plan already. I made you accuse me. I fooled you into getting married to me. I made you marry me. Everything is going as per my plan. Who gave you the idea of this wedding? He grasps her hair. Alisha says leave me. He says now you see how I used you as a pawn and take my revenge from AJ. I am the real master player here and will always be. Guddan sees them.

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