Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th September 2020 Guddan says I am back AJ. Avinash says Ganga, Guddan says AJ and Choti first. She says don’t act smart. AJ walks towards Gunda with Choti. Guddan has a gun. AJ comes to Guddan, she hugs him. Guddan hugs Choti. AJ says you saved us. Guddan says you saved us. AJ says we have united again. Ganga picks the gun and puts it on them. Guddan points her gun towards Ganga and says don’t even try. You know I can do the same. A mother can do anything for her daughter. Put your gun down. Avinash says Ganga put it down. Guddan and AJ leave. Gnaga says follow them.

AJ and Guddan walk in the jungle. Ganga comes after them. They hide in a small house. Guddan says your hand is bleeding. We have to go to hospital. He says no we have to stay here safe. AJ says you both are here with me that’s enough. Guddan cleans his wound. Guddan says what will I do without you. AJ says you saved us both. Guddan says when we are together, we aren’t scared of anything. Is it hurting? AJ says but you are here to heal me. Guddan says Choti, we will be home soon. We are safe here with us.

Ganga, Avinash and their goons look for AJ and Guddan. Avinash says he’s injured but still very careful. AJ says let me go out and arrange food. Guddan says I will do something. You rest here. AJ laughs and says you will cook? Even Choti is laughing. Guddan says Choti, are you on papa’s side? I can’t be a chef like him. You can become a chef. AJ says let me arrange something. Guddan says I will. AJ says I am fine. Don’t worry. You both stay here and wait for me. Choti cries. Guddan says she must be hungry. AJ says let me get something. Guddan says be careful, please. Choti cries.

AJ goes in the jungle to get something. HE picks woods. Ganga and her goons are looking for AJ. They come to a. small house. Avinash says no one is here. AJ and Guddan hide. AJ saw them coming. Avinash says are you okay Ganga baby? She says I am fine look for them. Guddan says they won’t leave us. AJ says I won’t let anything happen to you or Choti.

Scene 2
Laxmi and Durga come to the inspector and file a complaint that Guddan and AJ’s lives are in danger. He says I am her fan. Don’t worry. We will protect her and handle everything.

AJ says Choti will eat the food cooked by me for the first time. I am nervous. Guddan says wow well done Choti. Eat and let papa know if passed. Choti eats it all. Guddan says she loves it. AJ says I thought I would give her the best dishes and here, she eating rice and pulse. Guddan says she is wise like you. She understands the circumstances. She is facing everything with us. This is her first meal. Papa will make many dishes for her.

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