Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th September 2020 Guddan says we will go home and eat a lot of meals. He says I can die for this smile of both of you. Meher says don’t say that. We have to live for our Choti. Ganga knocks and says hello it’s me. AJ shoots outside. AJ says you have to run from here. Avinash gets injured. Guddan says I can’t leave you alone. AJ says you have to go for Choti. Please. He says please go. Guddan sobs and cries. She hugs AJ. AJ says for Choti’s safety, please go. Guddan runs from the backdoor.

Guddan says don’t worry Choti. Papa will be safe. He will come. AJ is in the house with the gun. Avinash and Ganga are outside. Guddan runs. She hears a gunshot. Guddan says AJ.. She looks back, AJ is outside the house. Guddan says I can’t leave you alone but I have save Choti as well. We will both wait for you. AJ shoots the goons one by one. Ganga says how is he fighting you all together? I won’t leave him. She shoots towards AJ. AJ hides in the house. Avinash also shoots towards AJ. Ganga says come outside. Where are you both? I will kill you today.

Guddan comes to a temple and says please save AJ. Please bring him back safe to us. AK grasps Avinash. Ganga comes there with a gun. They both gun on each other. AJ says we tried to make you our family and this is what we go in return? Even blood can’t bind us now. I will take revenge of everything. This story will end here. Guddan prays for AJ. Guddan says please protect him, God. Please. Nothing can happen to him.

A goon shoots AJ from the back. He falls down. Avinash laughs. Ganga says the story would end but yours, not ours. Ganga says let’s find Guddan and her daughter. I will shoot them myself. They leave. AJ is there on the ground.

Scene 2
Dadi says what do I do with this age when my kids can’t be with me. Please protect them. Please don’t leave them alone. I can’t live without them. Don’t hurt this mother. Bhushan and Kaushliya come. Kaushaliya says why is it so dark? Where are Guddan and AJ? Bhushan says why are you silent? Please tell us what happened? Where are they? Kaushaliya says where is AJ?

Guddan says how do I save my husband and daughter. Durga calls Guddan. She says where are you? We have been trying to call you. Guddan says I am at the Durga temple. Durga says we are coming with police. Nothing would happen. Don’t worry. Guddan says I have to find AJ. Guddan says to Choti, Durga ma will protect you here. Don’t worry. I am going to find your papa. Always remember you are AJ’s daughter. Ganga says have some shame. Ganga says lying in your last moments as well to your daughter? They put a gun on her.

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