Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Update – Guddan new challenge, Guddan’s big fat responsibility


Guddan and Akshat up for new mission

Zee Tv’ most popular and lovable daily soap show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is up for some high voltage melodrama and more interesting twists in upcoming tracks.As per latest track of the show Guddan confessed Shanti Bhua that she is faking herself where she used to be friendly in all relations.

The Jindali Family is going to see an open challenging cooking competition between Guddan and Shanti Bua.The duos divide the task of cooking food for 500 people where Guddan has Laxmi and Dadi on her side while Durga, Saru are supporting Shanti Bua.Shanti Dadi had put challenge infront of Dhanak to prepare mango shake for 500 kids and Dhanak’s mixer blender broke down at the moment.

While Dhanak still manages to win the challenge and thus wants to celebrate it with Laxmi and both dances together.Shanti Dadi is super irked to see this and tells Dhanak that a mother-in-law never dances with her daughter-in-law and can never be friends.The cooking battle will see great melodrama when Laxmi will get burned while cooking and the responsibility will come on Guddan.

Guddan had been handed over by a challenge by Shanti Dadi as she asks Guddan to prepare mango shake for 500 kids.Guddan and Laxmi teams up for the task but here the mixer blender broke down.Guddan and Laxmi still manages to win the task and thus celebrates it.Guddan and Laxmi dance together and here Shanti Dadi creates big dhamaka.

Apart from all this Guddan accepted challenge where AJ is also with Guddan where he wants Guddan to prove herself.Shanti Bua lashes at Guddan that a mother-in-law should not be friendly with her daughter-in-law.Guddan is puzzled to hear this while Shanti Dadi tells her that she can’t be a good mother-in-law like this.

On other side, Durga gets on Bhua Dadi side where Durga iscreating more troubles in Guddan way.Where also adding more trouble Laxmi is also out of challenge because of injury where Guddan have to do all this to prove herself right.Dhanak is shocked to hear this and here Shanti Dadi puts yet another challenge infront of Dhanak and she is all puzzled.

Dhanak goes to Akshat to talk to him about it and Akshat instead of helping her hands over badminton racket to her and badminton with her.Dhanak is irked and leaves from there while Akshat holds her saree and stops her from leaving and shares sweet romantic moments.

What will be Guddan’s next move?It would be interesting to what will happen next In the show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

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