Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th September 2019 Episode Start With Sarla asking Raju to stay in their house for few days. Raju says if you say then I will stay here all my life. Sarla smiles. Raju stares at the god’s idol. Sarla praises him for his devotion. He goes to go bath. Sweety makes Jia taste pudding. Jia praises her and says I respect you more now. Jia says Amma should have a big heart like you. Jia asks for more. Sweety says she kept it for Raju. Jia gets upset and says she knows that it is bought from halwai shop. Sarla comes and gives halwa to Jia. Jia praises her too. Raju comes there.

Sarla and Sweety asks him to have pudding while Sarla asks him to have halwa. Gudiya comes there. Raju asks what did you make for me? Gudiya gives gourd in his hand and takes pudding and halwa with her. She goes to the room and puts halwa on the pudding. She says it is halwa pudding cake. She comes to Raju and asks him to say how is it, but he falls on the cake and it gets smeared on his face. He says you took my words seriously. Raju says taste is good and says he really enjoyed.

Nanhe lal beats a man for stealing the money which a mother kept for his daughter’s marriage. He asks him to think about that helpless mother. Constable says you are getting emotional. Radhe comes to the Police station and gives halwa to Nanhe Lal, says Sarla sent it. He says I didn’t know that you like it so much and asks him to come to house in evening and talks about Raju and Gudiya’s alliance.

Raju comes to the kitchen and finds Jia eating kheer. Jia tells that she was keeping the utensils back. He asks her to wipe her mouth and asks where is everyone. Jia says Sarla and Sweety went out. Raju steals the keys from the inhouse temple and checks in Sarla’s almari for money, but they don’t find anything. Just then Gudiya comes there and catches him. She asks what is he doing? He says drinking water from the jug. She asks if he don’t saw the pot outside.

She asks him to play and they run and fall on the bed. Pappu comes there and tells that he is worried about Gudiya and that she is different from other girls. Raju says she is unique and he likes her. He says your respect is mine. Pappu asks did you marry Sangeeta? Raju says no.

Raju and Gudiya are playing ludo and Jia tells that she wants to play. Sweety and Sarla ask her to let them play. Radhe asks Nanhe if Raju is married. Raju gets a call from his wife Sangeeta and he tells her that he will make arrangement of money and come home and asks her to take care of Munna. Nanhe lal asks whose call was it? Raju says his father called and wants him to marry. They ask what kind of a girl he wants. Raju describes the girl’s qualities.

Everyone think he is talking about Gudiya. Gudiya comes and falls down on the bed. Sweety says our Gudiya is like the girl who described. Pappu comes to sleep with Raju in the hall. Raju asks him to sleep with Sweety. He says he sleeps with her daily, but today he will sleep here. Raju gets up to steal twice, but Pappu wakes up and asks what is he doing. Raju makes excuses. Pappu asks him to sleep. Raju gets up again in night and finds Jia standing near him.

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