Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 16th January 2020 Episode Start With Gudiya asking Sarla, when her eye brows will grow back. Sarla says I will grow soon. Gudiya asks her to tell the time. Sarla shows the pot and says when this plant grows and gets flower, you will get your eye brows. She says for that, she needs to put water in the plant. Time is shown passing by and Gudiya gets her eye brows back. Gudiya gets happy and shows her eye brows to Sarla. Later Sarla prays to God and asks him not to let Gudiya lose her eye brows. Alka asks her to pray for Gudiya only. Gudiya tells that Sarla tells that her anger is much. Radhe says it is because Alka was born when the temperature was hot. He asks her not to feel bad about Alka’s words. Gudiya asks Alka why you ask her daily, why her mood is angry, knowing she gets angry often. She asks did you ask Sun, why you come daily. Alka laughs. Sarla also laughs and asks her to keep laughing. Alka says there shall be a reason. She asks Radhe to send her back to her sasural. Gudiya asks if you will leave without fighting with anyone and asks her not to break her record. Alka laughs.

Later Alka and Gudiya see Sweety and Pappu dancing on the song jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya. Gudiya says she is dancing well. Alka says she will teach a lesson to Sweety. Later in the morning, Gudiya tells Jia that Sarla went to pahadi baba for Alka’s peace. Jia asks why? Gudiya says Alka jiji said that she will teach a lesson to Sweety bhabhi today. She says Sweety bhabhi told that she is not scared of jiji. Alka and Sweety come to go to bathroom. Sweety says she will go first. Alka says this is my father’s house and not of Pappu’s house. Sweety says you are in your mayka and showing attitude. Alka says atleast my mayka family don’t stay in my sasural. Jia says she is talking about Nanhe lal. Sweety says you said wrong. She says she will not step in this bathroom and will ask her Pappu ji to make another bathroom for her. She says until this will happen, she will sacrifice everything.

Gudiya is shocked. She tells Radhe and Pappu about Alka and Sweety’s fight. Radhe says they will fight for the kitchen then? Sarla asks Pappu to make Sweety understand. Pappu asks what is the problem if they make bathroom on the terrace. Sarla says it is not good. Sweety says what’s wrong with it. Alka comes and taunts Sweety for her thoughts. Sarla says bathroom will be made on my dead body. Sweety says it will make on my dead body and tells that she is feeling unwell. Ppapu scolds Alka and tells that Sweety has taken a big swear because of her. alka says even she will not go to bathroom. Radhe asks until when you both will not go. Sweety says I have strength in me. Gudiya thinks she has to make some arrangements for the personal bathroom. She makes commode with the thermocol and paper glass. She asks everyone to come out, says she has solution for them. She asks them to hold their own commode. Alka throws the commode model which Gudiya gave her and goes. Nanhe lal comes there and asks what is happening. Radhe says house has become IIT. Gudiya gives the commode model to Nanhe lal and says it will be your personal. He gives samosas and jalebis to Sarla. Gudiya says only Jia and I will eat. Nanhe lal asks if they have kept the fast. Sweety says she has swear not to go to bathroom until other bathroom is build. Nanhe lal asks what this is foolishness? He says bathroom can’t be made fast. Sweety says atleast I will get assurance. Sarla tells Nanhe that she is bringing tea for him. Sweety asks her to make ginger tea for her and then says don’t make. Jia asks Radhe to build a bathroom. Radhe asks what are you saying? Nanhe lal asks him not to get angry. Sarla tells that her children are very stubborn. She asks Gudiya to go and tells that she wants to talk to Samdhi ji. She tells that she had faced this problem before, but she never complained and never thought it as a trouble. Radhe says she is right. Sarla says I asked them to make bathroom on my dead body. Nanhe lal is surprised and asks what are you saying. He asks them to tell, how he can help them. Sarla asks him to make sweety understand. Nanhe lal assures her. Gudiya hears everything.


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap Pappu and Alka have a big fight over the bathroom. Radhe gets upset as the latter leaves the house.


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