Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 17th August 2020 Episode starts with Gudiya saying that her kheer is wasted. Nanhi gets angry. Guddu comes and asks what happened? Nanhi says she made kheer fall on me. Gudiya asks Nanhi to eat it as it is very tasty. Putli Bai comes there. Nanhi says I will not leave you. Gudiya hides behind Putli Bai. Guddu asks what is this misbehavior? Gudiya says you have also brought chocolates for my mother and bhabhi. She tells that she had brought it for Putli Bai. Nanhi gets upset and complains to Madhav. Putli Bai asks Madhav not to get inside the running train. Badi amma asks Gudiya to say. Gudiya tells that she had brought kheer for Putli bai, Nanhi stopped her on stairs and ran behind her. She says she tried to make me fall, when I hold her and fell on Nanhi and kheer fell on her. Putli Bai asks if anyone is here. Chacha says the same thing which Gudiya said and tells that she is an eye witness. Putli bai says then Gudiya didn’t do any mistake. Gudiya asks if she can come here again. Putli Bai says yes. Gudiya says she will go and bring the kheer for Putli ji. Madhav asks Putli Bai why she didn’t take Nanhi’s side. Putli Bai asks Nanhi to be in her limits. Madhav says you are my father’s mistake. Putli Bai says you are your mother’s mistake. She says you will not get salary this month and asks him to make his own arrangements. Chacha asks Guddu if he has 10 Rs. Guddu nods no. Chacha asks for 8 Rs from Matai. Matai goes. Chacha thinks he has to search someone else to get money.

Badi Amma comes to the room and lights the lamp. Madhav comes there. She says she will not give him any money. Madhav tells that he had kidnapped her and brought her here. She tells that his ego is gone with his father. She asks him to give some values to Nanhi and tells that he eats food because of Amma, and says if she throws him out then he will be nothing. Madhav shouts and tells that everything belongs to him. Radhe, Sarla, Pappu and sweety are waiting for Gudiya to return. Gudiya comes down from the haveli window, goes to kitchen and takes Kheer for Putli Bai, while everyone runs behind her. Putli bai praises Gudiya and tells that she likes her. Matai says he will not understand. Guddu asks if he shall tell his doings to Dadi. Matai tells that Gudiya had upset his stomach. Putli Bai asks what did he do? And says you are a guy and some masti is good. He says he is bal brahmachari and goes. Putli Bai says Guddu is jealous of Gudiya. Matai says everyone wants your love. He asks what to make food. Putli Bai asks him to ask badi amma.

Gudiya brings kheer and makes Putli bai taste it. Putli Bai likes its taste. Gudiya says it has cashew nuts too and looks at the kheer bowl. Putli bai asks did you have it? Gudiya says no. Putli Bai asks her to taste it. Gudiya keeps down the spoon and starts eating kheer with her hand. She says my Amma tells that one shall listen to elders. Putli Bai says your Amma says right and kisses on her forehead. Gudiya gets surprised and tells that she will go and tell everyone. She reaches home and tells everyone that Putli Bai is so lovely and kisses on her forehead. Sarla asks really? Gudiya says yes and tells that she has not become egoistic with this thing. Radhe says I know that my son can win anyone heart. Pappu says I used to tell that my sister can win even stone’s heart. Sweety says I didn’t say anything. Radhe says my daughter is like me. Gudiya says she has won just Putli Bai’s heart now and will win other family members hearts now. She goes. Sarla says my daughter is like me and cries. Radhe asks what is magarmach called in English? Bantu says crocodile.

Nanhi eats the food and tells that she is eating as she got insulted. Badi Amma asks why you do mistakes? She says I am your mother. Nanhi says what shall I do, shall I let Gudiya become dear to Dadi. Badi Amma tells that life is not easy and you have to do some twists and turns. Nanhi asks if in this house and goes. Badi amma says yes.

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