Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th August 2020 Episode starts with Gudiya bringing golgappa. Sarla asks why did you bring so much golgappa. Gudiya tells that she brought it for Putli ji and asks her to make Pani with dhaniya etc for Putli Bai. Sarla says you will not go there. Gudiya asks her to make Pani urgently and tells that it is a matter of her prestige. Sarla says she will make her golgappa. Gudiya laughs. Sarla says even this is a good idea and throws the golgappa cover on the floor. Radhe says this woman can take anyone’s life and can give her life too. Gudiya says you didn’t do the right thing and runs to her room. Chacha ji tells Guddu that nobody values his talent. Guddu says I do. Chacha asks him to give his shirt. Guddu says you will make handkerchief out of this shirt, and will make crores, but I will not give my shirt. Chacha asks for 10 Rs. Guddu says I don’t have. Chacha challenges him to do wrestling with him. Guddu removes his shirt. Chacha runs away with his shirt. Guddu tells Badi Amma that it had 10 Rs in his pocket. Badi Amma asks him to freshen up and have food.

Sarla asks Gudiya to have food and says they are not good people. Sarla asks if Guddu is different from them. Gudiya argues with her. Sarla asks from where did you get such mind? Gudiya says I follow you as you are my inspiration. Sarla asks how much you love me? Gudiya says I love you like the stars in the sky. Sarla gives her promise not to go to haveli. Gudiya says if Putli ji calls me. Sarla says why she will call you. Gudiya thinks to go if Putli ji calls her.

Badi Amma gives food to Guddu. Guddu praises her food and asks if Gabbar bhaiyya have the food. Badi Amma says he had a bit and thrown half. She asks Matai to make rotis and leave from the kitchen. Nanhi comes there and eats from his plate. Matai asks her to let him eat. Guddu says let her eat, she is my only sister. Nanhi tells him that Gudiya’s family have come here, dressed nicely but badi Amma insulted them and make them leave. Guddu is shocked. He asks Matai why you didn’t tell me. Matai says I came to know just now, I had gone out to get the ration. Guddu says what they might be feeling.

Gudiya hopes Putli Bai misses her and comes to her house to call her. She prays to God and eats the prasad. Putli Bai is resting in her room. Badi Amma tells that she will massage her feet. Putli Bai asks if she is worried. She calls her Harbheji and says I have taken care of you since you was 12 years. Guddu comes there and says Nanhi di was telling that neighbors had come. Badi Amma tells that she came to tell her something and says I felt much pain, but how I could refuse. She says Gudiya’s family had come here, but I made them leave. Guddu says you didn’t do right, they have taken good care of me. Badi Amma says she did this as Putli Bai had said that they have to keep distance from them. She says she thought to become bad infront of them. Matai says Nanhi said that you insulted them badly. Badi Amma says yes, so that they don’t have any hopes from us. Guddu says I will apologize to them. Badi Amma tells that they are insulted, so Harbheji will apologize to them. Harbheji tells that she will apologize to them early morning. Putli Bai tells that she likes Harbheji’s behavior, you don’t hesitate to apologize. She says I don’t think that they will come here again, but tell them to send Gudiya to our house. She says that girl has touched my heart. Harbheji says your decision is mine, it is good that you like Gudiya. She says she will apologize to them in the morning.

Pappu comes to Sweety and asks her to make kadak chai for him. Sweety says Chai…and asks if his customers can’t wait for him. She asks him to make tea for her also. Pappu looks sad. Gudiya tells that she will make tea for her. Pappu says my family is mine. Harbheji comes to Radhe’s house. Pappu asks Sweety to check. Sweety asks Gudiya to check. Guddu signs Sweety. Sweety opens the door and sees Harbheji. Harbheji asks where is your mother? Gudiya thinks Putli bai send Harbheji to call her. Harbheji asks where is your Amma? Sweety says she went to Pahadi Baba. Radhe and Sarla comes. Gudiya comes there running and the tea falls on Harbheji. Harbheji looks upset.


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Harbheji threatens Gupta family. Putli Bai asks Guddu to call Gudiya.


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