Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th October 2020 Episode starts with Gudiya coming to Sarla and tells that competition will be fun now. Sarla says Sweety is not wearing make up now. Gudiya says Nanhi will not eat food as she said. Sarla asks who told her. Gudiya says Harbheji told her. Sarla scolds her. Gudiya runs. Sarla asks Mata Rani to do something to defeat them. Sweety cries sitting on the terrace and recalls how she used to apply make up. Harbheji looks at her crying and shows her kajal, mascara, lipstick etc.

She tells that she has brought all this for her. Sweety goes to her and is about to take it, but refuses. Harbheji asks her to see the lipstick color, which is getting upset. Sweety takes it and applies on her lips. Gudiya takes the photos and says you are out of competition. Harbheji says not me, but your badi amma. Sarla comes to Nanhi and makes her eat food. Guddu takes the pic and tells that you are out of competition. Sarla says not me, but your badi amma. Harbheji and Sarla see each other. Sarla says we are in the same boat. Guddu goes to the inhouse temple and asks Devimaa, not to get upset on Harbheji and Sarla. She tells that they both were devoted. Guddu hears her and thinks he was wrong about her. Gudiya sees the diya about to light off and holds it. Even Guddu holds it at the same time. He says hanuman bhajan. Gudiya sprinkles gangajal on him. She tells that they shall teach both the devotees and show them right path, like ant taking sugar to her place. She goes to Harbheji and asks what is she doing? Harbheji asks what do you mean? She asks her to stay out of her house tomorrow, as there is mata ki chowki at her house. She thinks small people have small thoughts. Gudiya runs to Sarla and tells her about Mata ki chowki at harbheji’s place. Sarla says she will also keep mata ki chowki. Gudiya says she will see whose mata ki chowki is best.

Atta brings some men to the house. Harbheji asks who are they and asks to throw them out. Atta says you asked me to call people to do mata ki chowli. Harbheji says they look like paper scrap merchant. They sing bhajan. Harbheji gets happy and goes. The scrap merchant asks how to sing? Atta says you will get money.

Nanhe lal comes home and looks at Sarla, song plays in background. Sweety comes and hugs him. They all do aarti and play bhajan. Radhe tells Nanhe lal that he came at the right time. Pappu says nobody is available to do mata ki chowki. Sarla says I want to win. Nanhe lal asks her to trust him and says something. Radhe says we all will sing. Pappu tells that we will sing. They all sing. Gudiya says it seems you are not concerned about competition and they are about to do dhamaal. Sweety says my Papa is doing so much, but Maa is splashing water on his planning. Radhe takes Gudiya from there. Pappu says didn’t you know that Gudiya shall not know this. Sweety cries. Nanhe asks her to cry and fit Maiyya in it. Sarla asks her to keep her mouth shut. Nanhe tells that he will go out and will bring them after the practice.

Gudiya asks where did everyone go? Sarla says they went to find place for it. Harbheji taunts her. Guddu tells that they shall do it together. Sarla invites them to her place. Harbheji taunts her. Gudiya says they shall toss and asks Guddu to give 25 paise. Harbheji says small people, small thoughts. Guddu tosses the coin. Harbheji wins and asks Sarla to come to haveli.


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