Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd October 2020 Episode starts with Sweety asking if devi maa came out of Sarla. She says Devi couldn’t stay for Amma for even sometime. Gudiya acts as being possessed by the Devimaa. Harbheji calls Sarla and asks if she has any sugar. Sarla says Devimaa came out of me. Harbheji calls her and tells that since Devimaa came out of us, we couldn’t enjoy. She says this happened because of us and shares her plan with her. Sarla says ok, I am with you.

Later Sarla acts as Devi and tells that she is going to meet her other avatar in the haveli. Radhe and Pappu come behind her. Gudiya thinks she has to act again and says I am big Devi than you. Sarla hugs Harbheji. Radhe apologizes to Mata and tells that this is happening due to competition. Pappu asks why are you apologizing. Radhe says you are very innocent than Gudiya. He prays to Devimaa to make everything fine. Guddu gets an idea and shares his plan with them. They act as hanuman and scare them. They pretend as if they are possessed by hanuman.

Sarla and Harbheji tell that they are fine now, Devimaa came out. Guddu requests the men to become fine. They act as hanuman came out of their bodies. Guddu asks Gudiya to become fine. Gudiya refuses and runs with Nanhi’s kheer bowl. Radhe asks what did you eat to give her birth? Gudiya comes and says coconut and sugar marbles. At home, Gudiya eats sweets. Pappu brings Pan and shows her. She asks for pan and pretends as if Devi came out. She tells Radhe that both team made arrangements well. Radhe tells that it is difficult to give verdict. Harbheji sends Guddu to bring the little girls for kanya pujan. Sarla sends Pappu to get the girls. She sees Guddu bringing the girls and takes the girls to her house. Nanhi sees this and informs Harbheji. Harbheji comes there and tells that she will take the girls to her haveli. Sarla and Harbheji argue. Guddu asks them to listen and tosses the coin. Sarla wins. Harbheji and Sarla serve the food to the girls. Gudiya gets happy. Karo Karo ji kanya pujan plays…..

Later Gudiya comes to Guddu’s room. He asks what happened? Gudiya says nothing and asks him to take his telescope. Guddu asks what happened? Gudiya tells that everything is fine and tells that her Amma prays with devotion and asks him to take his telescope and make her Amma win. Guddu says there is no victory/defeat in devotion and asks her not to talk about it. Guddu thinks she made him emotional and her smile vanished from her face, so he has to do something. Gudiya comes there and tells that she thought what is telescope mistake, so came to take it.? Guddu asks the same question. Gudiya says coconut and sugar marbles. She comes back home and sees the jowar plant growing in pot. Radhe and Sarla watch her. Sarla tells that it is brought from outside. She says Gudiya is like her. Radhe says she is like her. Gudiya calls Sarla and asks what is she hiding? Sarla says nothing and asks her to eat prasad. Gudiya eats the prasad and makes the kalash fall. Radhe asks the question. Gudiya says coconut and sugar marbles. Sarla laughs.


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