Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Saroj looking at Pappu. Sweety comes back and says I have a doubt, and feel that my lipstick is light. She says that’s why she returned and asks if it is fine. Saroj says it is fine. Sweety says I will go then. Saroj signs Pappu to come. Pappu goes to his room where Saroj is waiting for him. Saroj hugs him when he enters the room. Pappu asks what happened? She says we are meeting after many days and asks if he remembers. Pappu says I remember everything, but that time was different and this is different.

Saroj says I know, but I have always dreamt about you. He says our togetherness was just for 8 hours. Pappu says not just 8 days and counts the hours, mins etc. He says those days were very pinky, we used to walk together and go far. He says my Amma asked me not to go to youth festival, but my father had sent me. He says those days, my kumkum had turned my face away from me, and my confidence was almost dead, when you showed confidence in me etc. Saroj says if I had some shown some courage then I would be on Sweety’s place today. She hugs him again. Pappu says we can’t insult this relation and tells that he is happy in his marriage with Sweety.

Saroj says she is not happy with her marriage and came here to search him, and was about to tell Sweety to search you. Pappu says when you refused me, then I was shattered and asked God, why you made us meet again. Saroj hugs him again. Sweety comes back home and is about to come to room, when Gudiya calls Sweety. Pappu and Saroj break the hug. Pappu hides, while Saroj is standing in the room. Sweety tells that parlour was closed, so she had golgappa and came back home.

she applies make up. Saroj asks her to come down. Sweety tells her that she will take rest now. She tells that she needs to take rest, else Pappu ji will not eat food. Sweety tells that she had eloped to Mumbai, but her Papa brought her back and searched groom for her. She says pappu came in her life and said that he will marry me. She says babu ji said that I will be his bahu. Saroj says I heard that your Papa gave you a shop and promised to get Gudiya married. Sweety says it is not like that and tells that this shop is due to Pappu’s hardwork, tells that Gudiya is my Papa’s daughter also and he shall get her married like he got me married. She praises Pappu. She says nobody taunts her here, and Amma loves her so much etc. Pappu gets touched by her words. Radhe calls Sweety and she goes.

Pappu tells Saroj that this is wrong and is about to go, when Gudiya comes there. Pappu covers blanket on him. Gudiya sits on him and falls down. Pappu tells that he got the disease and becomes horse sometimes and asks her to promise not to tell anyone. Gudiya promises him and goes. Saroj asks him to meet her on terrace. He asks why and refuses. Saroj insists to meet him to talk about her heart. Happu is helpless.

Gudiya looks at Pappu, while he enacts to become horse and neighs sitting in his shop. She gets sad and goes to Radhe. She asks if becoming horse is an illness. Radhe says no. Gudiya takes a sigh of relief. Pappu hears them. Sweety, Jia and Sarla see him standing outside. Sweety asks Pappu, what you was doing? Sarla says you didn’t learn this bad habit from me. Jia says he says Amma Amma all day. Pappu hugs Sarla and says he was checking if she is inside. Sarla taunts him. Sarla says she brought anklet for Saroj. Gudiya comes to Pappu and tells that he is not having any disease. Pappu says I didn’t know.

Later in the night, Saroj wakes up Pappu. He comes to the terrace and asks why you are making my life complicated. He asks why did you call me? Saroj says I want to talk to you. Pappu asks her to talk slow. Saroj says didn’t you want to talk to me and ask how I am? Pappu says I want to ask you, but understand that this is not right. He asks why did you call me? Saroj says I want to get separated from my husband. Pappu asks why? Saroj says I am feeling suffocated there, my saas and nanand are troubling me a lot. Pappu asks them to talk to her. Saroj says I tried and tells that if I would have been here then my life would be happy. She hugs him again. Pappu tries to console her. Radhe comes there and says so this was the truth. He says you played this trick to enter house. Saroj says no babu ji. Radhe says only my kids can call me babu ji.

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