Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Saroj telling Radhe that she was not aware that Sweety got married to Pradeep. Pappu says we had met in Guwahati. Saroj says we fell in love with each other there. Pappu says we don’t love now. Radhe asks if you was celebrating raksha bandhan now and scolds him for hugging her. He says Sweety is sleeping in room and you are….He says I want to wake up Sarla and tell her. Pappu says if you tell her then you will see my dead face.

Radhe says you should have thought before. Pappu says she came with her wish, I didn’t call her. He says this was surprise for me and asks Sarla to go. Radhe says if my ex had come to meet me then I would have make her meet everyone with respect. He says I don’t have thief in my heart like you. He scolds Pappu and says Sweety is sleeping in room and you are with some other girl here. Pappu asks him to trust him. Radhe says I will tell Sweety and Sarla in the morning. Pappu says I didn’t do anything wrong and says no.

Just then door is knocked by someone. Radhe is shocked to see Sudha and closes the door from outside. Pappu gets doubtful. Sudha tells that she is in problem and asks him to help her. Radhe ass what happened? Pappu comes out and greets her. Sudha tells that she came to her brother in anger, but her brother was away and her sister in law fought with her, so she had to leave the house at night. Radhe says seems like I have to leave the house. Pappu asks him to handle himself. Radhe says you can stay in your chacha’s house. She says her chacha is scared of his wife.

Radhe asks pappu if there is any lodge here. Pappu says if she will stay in lodge. Radhe says then where she will stay? Gudiya says in my room. Radhe says your Amma doesn’t like her. Gudiya says why? Radhe says she was my best friend? Sudha says I was…Radhe says she is and that’s why your Amma don’t like her. Gudiya says Amma shall be happy that you have a friend. Sudha asks shall I go to bathroom. Radhe asks why did you drink water? Pappu asks why you are saying this? Gudiya calls her nain matanki sudha mausi and tells that her Amma kept many names for her.

Radhe sits in shock and tells that he will go away from here. Pappu says we will leave Sudha mausi in lodge in the morning and till then we will keep her in Gudiya’s room. Radhe says if Sarla devi catches her. Gudiya suggests that she will make her stay in her room. Pappu says if your friend leaves then will you feel good. Gudiya takes Sudha with her. Pappu says why you are worried, if there is thief in his heart and reminds him of his own words. He says I will make her meet everyone. Radhe says you know well that I am trapped unnecessarily. Pappu says even I am trapped. He says I am with you in this moment. We will find a solution and hugs him. Radhe cries and says from where this trouble came suddenly?

In the morning, Radhe comes to Gudiya’s room and asks where is Sudha? Sudha comes out from hiding and says she is here. Radhe says we shall leave before Sarla comes. Gudiya says I will go out and check Amma. Sudha asks Radhe why his hairs have become white. He says he is counting days. Sudha asks why you are saying this. Gudiya asks Sarla if she is coming? Sarla asks what are you upto? Gudiya runs to room and Radhe and Sudha fall down. Radhe asks if she lost her memory. Sudha says she is fine. Sarla is coming there. Radhe and Sudha hide under the curtain. Sweety and Saroj are going out. Sweety tells Sarla that Saroj asked her to come with her.

Sarla taunts Sweety and comes to Gudiya’s room. She asks Gudiya what she has done. Gudiya says I was busy making home. Sarla scolds her for using her sarees again and says it will tear. Gudiya stops her and says if you touch my beautiful house then? Sudha is about to sneeze. Radhe puts his hand on her mouth. Pappu comes there and tells Sarla that he is hungry. Sarla says she will make food. Gudiya asks Radhe and Sudha to come out. Sarla comes back again and goes. Gudiya asks her to make lauki ka halwa. Sarla says ok and goes. Radhe and Sudha come out. Gudiya says she saved them. Radhe says you have put us in trouble and now Sarla will go out of kitchen for an hour. Sudha asks for tea. Radhe says you want tea at this time. Sudha says I didn’t know that you are scared of Sarla Devi.

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