Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 29th November 2019 Episode Start With  Gudiya asking Nanhe lal why he told Radhe about Vasudha and says babu ji knows her. Radhe says Gudiya said right that one human identifies another through humanity sake. Pappu asks Gudiya to come with him and search Rabdi. Gudiya goes. Sarla tells Nanhe lal that his sister is very beautiful and her eyes are beautiful too. Pappu tells Gudiya that if Amma comes to know about this Sudha being the one because of whom she used to fight with babu ji, then they might fight and can separate too. Gudiya is surprised. Pappu asks her to keep her mouth shut if she wants to see their parents together. Gudiya says ok and asks about Rabdi. She then understands and tells that she will imagine to eat. Sarla asks Sudha about the secret of her beauty.

Sudha says she shall have peaceful sleep. Sarla says everyone looks at her always. Saroj takes Sweety with her. Radhe asks her to make tea. Sarla says there is no besan and maida in the house. Radhe says so what? Sarla laughs and asks whose work is to bring that and asks what happened to his voice. Nanhe lal tells that his voice is disturbed. Gudiya asks Radhe to cough loudly. Radhe says nothing is stuck in my neck, I am fine. He asks Sarla to get up and goes to work. Sarla gets up and looks at him angrily. Radhe says I am getting very angry and will not stop now. He says I am leaving.

Pappu signs Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal tells that Radhe has taken a big mess in his hand. Pappu says he will make everything in his favor. Nanhe lal says I don’t think so. Pappu says lets challenge. Nanhe lal bets on 50 golgappas. Radhe goes to kitchen and checks the besan. Sarla says I grinded it. She asks what happened to you. Radhe says he needs respect infront of guests. Sarla asks how much respect he wants. Radhe says I am like this potato, has no respect. He says he has no different identity, but is in everywhere. He says just like Aloo gobi, Aloo tamatar etc. Sarla tells that she respects him a lot and that’s why calls him Raja ji. Nanhe lal appreciates him for playing with his innocent samdhan’s heart. Sarla comes back to Radhe and asks him to go to guests, till then she will make tea and bring to them.

Radhe looks at Nanhe lal and goes. Sweety asks Saroj to come down fast. Saroj looks at Pappu and comes to his shop. He asks her to sit and tells her that he wants to talk to her. He tells her that she knows that Babu ji came to know about them, but he didn’t tell anyone. He says before he tells anyone, please go from here. Saroj says I came back as trouble in your life and you was not happy seeing me. She says she will go today itself. He holds her hand and says this will be right. Gudiya sees that. Sweety comes there. Gudiya says Saroj called him Pradeep and he called her Sarojini. Sweety is shocked and questions them. Gudiya says bhaiyya loves Saroj and tells that he became horse for Saroj when you was not in the room. Pappu looks at Gudiya. Sweety shouts Papa. Nanhe lal comes home.

Sweety tells that Pappu’s silence is speaking all. Nanhe lal asks Pappu to say. Pappu says we know each other from before. Sweety says this thing was going on infront of my eyes and I was not aware. She says you betrayed me big and asks Nanhe lal to do something. Pappu says it is not like that. Sweety says Saroj didn’t tell me that she knows you and you also didn’t tell me about her. She says there is something surely. Saroj says Sweety. Sweety asks her not to take her name with her dirty tongue and asks her to forget their friendship and childhood. She hugs Nanhe lal and cries. Nanhe lal asks Pappu to say.

Pappu says Sarojini and I….Sweety says he is taking her name with love and is about to hit him, but Sarla stops Sweety and asks Pappu if they have an affair. Pappu says no. Sarla tells Sweety to show her maturity and big heart and forgive them. She then comes to Saroj and thanks her for taking care of her. She says you shall go to your sister’s marriage. Saroj says yes and tells that Pradeep loves just Sweety and tells that she is very lucky to have such a family. She says I came empty handed, but taking so much with me. She folds her hands and is leaving. Sweety stops her and hugs her. Gudiya hugs them. Pappu smiles. Nanhe lal wipes Saroj’s tears. Pappu waves her bye. Saroj leaves. Sudha looks on. Everyone waves bye to Saroj.

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