Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 30th September 2020 Episode starts with Montu telling everyone that Sarla gave him a good idea. Sarla suggests role-swap game. Harbheji tells that she is waiting to see the tandav, and not this drama. Sarla says this is the beginning of the tandav only and asks her to be there. Montu says Jija ji will be pappu. Sweety says I will be Mahua. Mahua as Sweety, Sarla as Harbheji and vice versa. Nanhi asks which character to play? Montu asks her to play her own character and tells that they have to live their character. He says he will watch everyone and will decide the casting. Sarla and Harbheji acts and taunt each other indirectly. Radhe and Pappu are doing role reversal. Radhe as Pappu asks him to accept Mahua. Pappu as Radhe tells he feels that Mahua wants to woo you and not me. He asks him not to argue and says decision is taken. Montu comes to Sweety and sees her dancing. Mahua acts as Sweety. Nanhi sits in the kitchen and eating, as per her character. Sarla and Harbheji act and is about to fight. Radhe asks Pappu if he is not thinking about Sweety, then argue and come back to their real self. Even Mahua and Sweety fight. Nanhi tells that she can’t act. They all argue and fight. Montu comes out of bathroom and find everything fighting. He shouts asking them to stop.

Sarla comes to Radhe and asks why is he staring at her. Radhe says I was looking at radio. Sarla says I will not stay here now. Pappu says he said radio. Sarla asks where is Mahua and asks him to sit with her. Mahua says she will sit with him. Sarla scolds Radhe and calls him betrayal. She says I will not stay in this house anymore. Pappu asks how will I live in this house without you? Sarla asks him to have kofte made by Mahua and warns them not to stop her else they will see her dead face. She goes out of the house. Mahua smiles. Radhe thinks Sarla threatened him, and finally left.

Harbheji tells that her legs are paining as Sarla made her run so much. They come to hall and see Sarla crying infront of God and telling that she will not tie her hair until she gets back her husband. Nanhi asks whose suitcase is this? Sarla says it is mine and tells that she came here to stay. Harbheji is shocked. Sarla asks Harbheji to make food for her and also tea, says she eats much when depressed. Harbheji goes to kitchen. Sarla comes to Servants and tell that today is their off. She sends them home.

Sweety and Pappu are doing rehearsals. Montu says they have to learn Bhojpuri language. They say that they will learn. Montu asks just Sweety to play the role. Pappu makes him leave.

Mahua comes to Radhe and says may be your memory will be back, if you bring some stuff from me. She gives the big list. Radhe is shocked. She asks why is he sweating? Radhe thinks Sarla devi didn’t ask for this much stuff in 35 years marriage. He imagines Sarla behind her and smiles. Sarla calls Radhe from the window and tells that her eyes are on him. Radhe goes. Mahua smiles.


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