Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Sarla, Radhe and others try to wake up Gudiya. Gudiya asks them to leave her Shaamu in dream and pushes them. Pappu and Sweety fall down on floor. Gudiya gets up and asks why you are sitting on floor. Pappu says you made us fall down. They ask her to get ready to see the guy, and tell that they are going out so that she don’t see her qualities to them. Gudiya tells that she has many qualities.

Sarla asks Radhe, Pappu and Sweety to get ready. Radhe says Nanhe lal showed emergency this time. Sarla asks Gudiya to get ready fast. Nanhe lal looks at the men in the police station. Constable tells that he brought them from the market and tells that since he got his call, he is searching the guys. Nanhe lal asks did you search in jail and asks about the thief? Constable says what are you saying? Nanhe lal says why you searched the guy at bus station etc and says it seems you don’t like this job. He asks him to send the guys and thinks Sarla is losing trust on him.

They come to the restaurant. Sarla tells that she has fast today. Pappu says you have become lean. Gudiya says she will drink her cold drink. Sarla stops her. Gudiya asks why, as she will have to go to loo then. Sarla says she shall not speak like that. Gudiya takes Sweety near the water side and they enjoy looking at it. A guy and his friend Muddu are going from there. His friend asks Muddu to see the girls standing there and says one might be like Madhuri. Muddu says one seems to be married and other one might be that. Gudiya tells Sweety that she got the burp due to cold drink. Muddu hears her and goes. Gudiya turns to look at him, but he already left. Pappu calls them and says Mukesh came. Gudiya and Sweety go there. Mukesh asks why you went to see the lake as it is seen from here. She asks if he is a lawyer?

Gudiya says she went to go near. Nanhe lal asks Mukesh and Gudiya to talk. Sweety pulls the chair and Mukesh falls down. His sister laughs. Mukesh tells Gudiya that he wants to marry her and was looking for extraordinary girl for him. Gudiya gets happy and congratulates her parents. She tells Mukesh’s sister that her parents thought that she will not marry. Mukesh tells that she will marry her. Nanhe lal congratulates them. Gudiya pulls the chair and Mukesh’s sister falls down . Gudiya laughs. Mukesh’s sister asks why are you laughing? Gudiya says she also laughed at Mukesh. Radhe says it is misbehavior to laugh on others. Gudiya says then Mukesh’s sister is also mannerless. Mukesh’s sister asks him not to marry Gudiya and takes him with her. Sarla says this party was very weak. Gudiya says they shall have something. They all laugh to enlighten their mood.

Next day, Radhe asks Jia to come out of bathroom soon. Sarla says she went to bathroom at 5 am.. Sweety says she got a dream and woke up. She tells Sarla that her saree is good. Sarla asks about the dream. Sweety says monkey eloped with her kajal and says it is so important. Radhe asks jia to come out. Jia says it is my house. Pappu and Radhe ask her to come out. Gudiya asks Jia to come out and says please. Jia comes out and tells that Gudiya will go first, then Pappu and lastly Radhe. Radhe asks what wrong did I do? Jia says you left me at home yesterday.

Gudiya tells from the restaurant about Sarla’s words. Jia taunts Sarla. Radhe tells that Nanhe lal will bring a guy in the evening. Gudiya comes out and Radhe runs inside the bathroom. Sarla scolds Gudiya for telling Jia about her sayings. Gudiya says Jia shall know that you worry for her stomach. Sarla runs behind her to beat her. She tells Sweety that Jia is upset, they shall cheer her as the guy is coming to see Gudiya. They come to Jia. Sarla asks what she would like to eat? Sweety praises Jia. Jia scolds Sarla for teaching wrong things to Sweety.

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