Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 7th October 2020 Episode starts with Sarla getting sad and telling Radhe that Gudiya is better than Vandana, but the latter is marrying and not Gudiya. Radhe tells that Mausa ji had taken so much bribe in his railway job and asks if she will feel good with bribe money. Sarla says very much. Guddu opens the door and sees Pinky. He gets tensed and closes the window. Nanhi is about to ask him about Mahua. Harbheji stops her and asks if he is missing Gabbar? Guddu says when they will come. Harbheji says Putli Bai and Madhav had taken Gabbar for treatment. She says she stayed back for him. Guddu gets touched and says gabbar will be fine soon. Gudiya, Vandana and Bantu have golgappa. Vandana falls down and laughs. People looks at her and laughs. Gudiya tells Vandana that she got stardom. Vandana says you are like me. Gudiya thanks her. Vandana says wherever I go, people look at me as if circus is going on. Vandana tells that Neelu Pathak likes her and stays in her heart. Gudiya asks what does he work? Vandana forgets and says we shall go and have golgappa.

Mausa ji asks a shop keeper if he can get a house on rent for 5 days. Shop keeper says he can get dharmshala. Atta hears him and tells that he has an idea and takes him to his house. Harbheji asks how is he? Atta tells that he is Gudiya’s Mausa and Sarla’s brother in law. Mausa ji says he wants haveli for 5 days. Harbheji agrees and thinks it will be fun now. She says surely the dal is black.

Mausi shows marbles to Sarla and they play. Radhe tells Mausa that he didn’t mean that. Mausa ji says he has taken out solution and tells about taking haveli on rent. Sarla tells that harbheji is very clever and is her biggest enemy. She says she can cross any limits to show her enmity and can create problems in Vandana’s marriage. Mausa ji says she was of helping nature. Sarla says I am not Vandana’s enemy. Mausi says you don’t know women games. Sarla asks Gudiya not to tell anyone about Vandana. She says Harbheji shall not see her. Pappu tells that we shall play hide and seek game and hide Vandana from Harbheji. Gudiya agrees. Radhe says mission hiding Vandana from Harbheji. Mausa ji goes.

Gudiya comes to the window and asks him to play game with her. She says my family doesn’t want anyone to know about Vandana’s marriage. Guddu promises that he will not tell anyone. Pinky comes to the window and admires Guddu. Harbheji and Nanhi hears them and see Pinky, think she is Vandana and is getting married. She calls Sarla and asks her to come to her. Harbheji says your Vandana is trying to trap Guddu. Sarla tells Mausi to let her think Pinky as Vandana. Vandana comes out of the room. Mausi, Pappu, Sweety, Gudiya stop her and dance. Guddu tries to divert Harbheji.

The groom’s family comes to stay in haveli. Harbheji greets them. Radhe and Pappu misunderstand the situation and laugh. The groom and his parents also laugh. Radhe says when 10 lakhs free coming in pocket then everyone laughs. Pappu says my babu ji wants to say. Radhe asks Guddu to take care of them. Harbheji asks Radhe if they want anything. Radhe praises her. Pappu takes him away frokm there.


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