Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 8th October 2020 Episode starts with Gudiya learning from Vandana that her lover is Neelu while her would be husband is someone else. She thinks to talk to Mausi ji. Pappu comes to Radhe and asks for his pen. He signs at mausi. Mausi gives him pen. Gudiya comes to Mausi ji and tells that Vandana loves Neelu ji and missing him even though she forgets everything. Harbheji asks groom’s family if they are sure about this marriage and asks if bride’s family is hiding something. They say no and tell that they are going. Harbheji says lets go. Guddu stops Harbheji and says we don’t go without invitation and asks Nanhi to take care of her.

They leave. Harbheji thinks they are shameless people and we shall become some what shameless and go there. Gudiya asks Guddu to click her picture. He says ok. Pinky comes there and imagines Guddu and him. Harbheji comes there with Nanhi. Bantu sees her and closes the door. Sarla tells Mausi ji that they shall hide Vandana from Harbheji. They take Vandana from there. Mausi says she will handle Harbheji and opens the door. Harbheji says she came to get sugar, salt, etc and gets surprised seeing Mausi giving her everything whatever she asks for. Harbheji says she has come to give her anklet and shows it. Mausi says your neighbor is good. Sarla says she was not lying. Harbheji tries to enquire about Vandana while everyone hides her.

Gudiya covers her head with dupatta. Mausi tells that the girl is a small girl and they follow some rasam. Mausa ji asks Sarla to save Vandana from spying Harbheji. Sarla asks Mausa and Mausi to tie Vandana’s mouth with cloth so that nobody comes to know that she forgets. She tricks Harbheji and takes her to room. They agree and bring Vandana to the groom’s family while tying her mouth. Gudiya opens Vandana’s mouth. Vandana asks who are they? Radhe tells that she is joking?

Everyone laughs. Sarla gives chocolates to Nanhi. Harbheji says she wants to go out. Sarla tells that only 5 married woman stays out and that’s why we were locked. Vandana and the groom get engaged. Harbheji comes out of the window. Sarla alerts everyone. Pappu lifts Vandana and runs. While everyone tries hard to stop her as she runs behind her. Sarla tells the groom family that they are doing the rasam and asks them to do next rasam and tickles their neighbors. They tickle her. Harbheji runs out with Nanhi. Guddu feels bad that badi amma is feeling bad because of him. Harbheji and Nanhi collide with Neelu and scold him. Later they come to know that he is Vandana’s lover and take him to haveli. Harbheji tells that they got masala in her hand.

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