Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th January 2020 Episode Start With Pappu asking Gudiya to open the door and says he brought her favourite thing. Gudiya asks what? Pappu asks her to come out and says you don’t care for anyone. Gudiya says I am worried for all and that’s why not coming out. Gudiya says you can’t face me. Pappu says we will and shows her childhood drawing. Gudiya comes out happily looking at it. Pappu says you gave it on raksha bandhan and tells that he couldn’t keep up the promise which he made during the festival. Gudiya asks him not to say that and hugs him. Pappu says Amma made Aloo dish and nobody is eating it.

Sarla serves food to everyone. Gudiya comes down and is sad. She takes the flowers in her hand and recalls everyone dancing for her premarriage function. She puts it in the water and sits to have food. Door is knocked by the neighbor. Pappu opens the door. Neighbor asks Sarla to give sugar. Alka goes to bring it. Neighbor asks about Gudiya and calls her. Alka gives her sugar. Neighbor says she heard that Gudiya lost her eye brows. Pappu tells that Gudiya has shaped her eye brows. Sweety asks neighbor not to worry and leave. Gudiya calls the neighbor and goes to her. She asks her not to hurt her heart and see her face without the eye brows. The neighbor lady looks on shockingly. Jia asks her to make halwa and eat it. Neighbor goes. Pappu closes the door. Radhe makes Gudiya have the food. Pappu asks Sweety to have food inside. Alka and Bua also go inside. Radhe says Gudiya is looking nice without the eye brows. Gudiya says even she was thinking the same, tells that Muddu ji ran away unnecessarily. Sarla asks Gudiya to sleep in her room. Gudiya says not today.

Gudiya stands near the haveli wall and tries to hear something. Sarla asks Radhe if she has gone mad? Radhe says some people are coming to stay there. Sarla says Lakshmi puja has named it on her grand son. Radhe says they must have come. Sarla says atleast she will get good neighbors now. Radhe says Gudiya’s marriage got broken. Sarla says she left everything on God. Radhe says she will stay with us for forever. Sarla asks if we will stay forever. Sweety sings song to cheer up Gudiya.

Pappu tells Sweety that he had never seen his Gudiya sad before. Sweety says she don’t think that Gudiya will be back like before. Pappu asks why? Sweety says broken heart never gets fine. She goes on talking. Pappu says this is my sister’s life and not your filmy train. Sweety says she is tired of talking now.

Jia tells Bua that if Sarla would have agreed to you and applied uptan then this wouldn’t have happen. Bua says yes, you said right. Jia says you named your everything on Sarla’s name and this Sarla badmouths about you. She says I wish Sarla is understanding like you. Bua says you said right that everyone is suffering due to Sarla’s foolishness. Jia says from where to get intelligence in her. Bua asks her to use her mind and make Sarla understand.

Sarla cries and tells Bua that she has kept tiffin for her ready. Bua says I talked about leaving, you didn’t ask me to stay back once. Sarla says how many days, you will stay more. Sweety says Amma means to say. Alka says Amma said that you are here since many days. Bua says Sarla has cut her nose and now arguing with her. She asks Sarla to stop her drama and asks Gudiya to come and say tata to her. Gudiya comes down and hugs Bua. Sarla asks Gudiya to say bye to her. Bua says she is standing with her stuff. Gudiya asks her to come soon. Bua asks her not to forget that you are Gudiya, not an ordinary girl to hold her heart and sit. Sarla says bua is right. Bua scolds Sarla. She then asks Gudiya to be jovial and happy forever. Gudiya promises her. Radhe asks Bua to come and says Pappu has hired a vehicle. Bua hugs everyone and leaves.


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Gudiya asks everyone to make her laugh. They all present a play.


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