Gunwant big confession on Shubharambh


Rani asks Raja to do something and convince Gunwant for giving the money. Hiten also tells Gunwant that they should help Asha. Gunwant doesn’t care for Asha and makes it clear to Raja. Raja gets helpless to take the step himself, when Gunwant is just acting selfish. He sees Gunwant’s selfish side for the first time.

Gunwant tells that he doesn’t care for anyone, everything should wait for ten minutes. Kirtida asks Raja not to joke about Asha’s kidnapping, maybe Asha is enjoying some chaat in the market and troubling them. Raja feels bad seeing Gunwant and Kirtida behaving such. He asks Hiten to help him. Hiten goes to get the money, but Gunwant refuses to help. Kirtida asks Hiten not to talk about Asha and create a mess between the rituals.

Raja gets Asha’s kidnapping video and asks Gunwant to just give the money to save her. Gunwant refuses to him once again. He asks Raja not to create the bad omen because of some joke. Rani persuades Raja to take the cash himself, since they can’t wait further. Raja recalls Gunwant and Kirtida’s drama. He had promised Gunwant that he won’t go to the shop for a year. He steps inside the shop by breaking his promise to save Asha’s life. He picks the safe keys and goes to get the cash.

Gunwant completes the puja and happily goes to sit on the owner’s chair in the auspicious time. He thinks he is the new owner of the shop from now. He gets a huge shock to see Raja sitting on the chair and accessing the safe to get the money. Rani awaits the family drama so that Raja gets to see Gunwant’s hatred. Raja gets ten lakhs from the safe and bursts Gunwant’s anger. Gunwant slaps Raja and bashes him up, showing his real colours. He treats Raja like a servant, after snatching everything. He expresses bitterness towards Raja with much hatred. Rani makes Raja and Asha see Gunwant’s truth. They get much sorrowful, but stand by each other.


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