Gupta Brothers 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gupta Brothers 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gupta Brothers 23rd October 2020 Episode starts with Kaka and Amba Kaki asking Shiv to check if the money is doubled and if your mother can do this miracle. Shiv says Maa told me and dead people don’t lie. He keeps up his words and shows them that the money is doubled. Everyone gets surprised to see their money doubling. Even Maa gets surprised. Everyone applauds for Shiv’s mother. Shiv asks Alok and Rajat to note down the amount and give to them according to the calculation. He asks everyone to stand in line. While Rajat notes down, Alok gives them money. Kaka says we would have invested Jaya’s marriage money here and says we are trapped by Mridula unnecessarily. Kaki says yes. Everyone thinks they have done mistake by investing their money with Mridula. Shiv says Maa is telling something and tells everyone that Maa said that she will increased their money 4 times and keeps his money infront of his Maa. Everyone keeps their respective money bundles. Shiv tells that Maa wants to eat bitter gourd to take out all your pains. Maa asks why are you killing your already dead Maa. A guy goes to bring bittergourd. Amba Kaka asks are you sure that she will eat raw Kerala/bittergourd as she don’t like it when alive. Shiv looks at Maa’s pic and tells that Maa will drink its juice. A guy brings the bittergourd there. Veeru makes its juice.

Shiv says I will make Maa drink first and asks her to drink. Maa drinks and everyone is surprised. Shiv asks Mridula to clean the bitter gourd peel fallen on the ground. While she sits to pick the peel, Veeru throws more. Mridula gets upset. Kaki asks Kaka to speak to Mridula. Kaka says it is good news that money is increasing 4 times. Kaki says you are just doubling so we are at loss. Kaki asks her to return their money and says we don’t want to invest with you. Everyone also asks Mridula to return their money.

Mridula says this is a scheme, once money is invested, it can’t be returned. The people get shocked. Shiv says why you people are getting greedy and asks them to get money in the morning from Mridula and invest in Maa scheme. They agree thinking they will get double money from Mridula and invest in Shiv’s Maa scheme. Shiv asks them to wait and says why Mridula will invest your money in this scheme, she don’t have money now. Mridula says yes. She gets greedy and imagines 4 bags instead of 1 bag. She thinks this is 25 lakhs rs and if she invests this, then she will get 1 crore. She thinks she will elope with 1 crore and comes out of the room with the money bag. She keeps it infront of Maa and asks her to make it 1 crore.

Shiv comes there and asks didn’t you sleep till now. Mridula says no. Shiv says you are having a clean heart and tells that’s why your name is Mridula. He gives her kheer and asks her to eat, says you have to return double money, but I have to give 4 times more money. Mridula thinks she will escape with 1 crore before morning and eats the kheer. In the morning, she wakes up hearing people cheering for Shiv’s mother. She thinks it is 9 am, how did I sleep till late. She comes out and checks her bag. She opens it and finds pillows, gets shocked. Maa smiles. Shiv comes there and asks what happened? Mridula says she had kept her money bag there. Shiv asks if it vanished? She says yes. He asks did you make Maa drink bittergourd juice? Mridula says no. Shiv says Maa must have got angry and made the money vanished. He says I am helpless and smiles.


Gupta Brothers 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :The people asks Mridula to return their money. Shiv tells that she is someone’s puppet and calls her Ganga. He brings Kamini’s mom there and says she will tell them why Ganga can’t return the money.


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