Gupta Brothers 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gupta Brothers 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gupta Brothers 26th October 2020 Episode starts with the people asking Mridula to return their money. Shiv tells them that Mridula can’t return the money as she is the toy in someone’s hands. He calls her Ganga and asks if he is saying right. He asks who gave you this fake name and says I will tell. He says I will tell you and brings Kamini’s mom there, who had come there to check on her. He says I called her and told that Ganga is exposed, so she came here to see if I am right. He says she will tell. Kamini’s mom says Mridula did this. Shiv says you made her do this as you wanted to take revenge from us, as I got your daughter marry Bobby. He says that’s why you brought Mridula to get our everything. He says I will give you more proofs and catches Karishma’s father who made fake papers as I didn’t let Karishma marry in our house. Karishma’s father refuses to do anything. Shiv tells that he had taken the fake papers’ pic and found out everything. He calls the old man who made old papers and also the signature expert. Karishma’s father tells that he will get them arrested. Shiv says I will only call the police. He calls Inspector Videshi. Inspector Videshi asks him to call his name properly.

Shiv says sorry and tells that matter got serious. Inspector says I know that you and your brothers are truthful. Shiv tells Inspector that Kamini’s mom and Radhe shyam conspired against us and used Ganga ji. He says this is not Ganga’s mistake. Kamini’s mom says but Ganga…Shiv says I know that you might have taken her helplessness advantage. Veeru says but this Ganga. Shiv says Ganga is trapped and asks Inspector to take them. Inspector tells that John Johny Janardhan will be arrested. The people ask about their money. Shiv says it is safe with me and brings the money. He asks Inspector videshi to distribute the money. Rajat asks how Maa was drinking milk? Shiv says it was my trick and tells that he had put hole and placed suction pipe behind. He takes out the pipe. Maa asks him to get the money back. Shiv asks the people not to be greedy and asks until when we will save you. Mridula/Ganga thinks why did Shiv saved me?

The brothers take Shiv to side and ask why he didn’t punish her? Shiv says there might be some reason behind it and asks them to wait for the right time. He says we have everything like before, and asks them not to worry. He asks them to trust him and says I will never do anything wrong. They tell that they trust him fully. Alok says you will kick the girl out if they come. Rajat says she is still standing. Shiv asks her to go. Ganga asks why you didn’t get me punished and made your brothers silent too. She says you shall punish me for troubling you and asks why did you do this? Shiv asks if you need to know surely. She says yes, else I will not go. Shiv says I won’t let any lady stay here and tells that he came to know about her truth, which you didn’t tell even me. A fb is shown, he goes to his room and finds letter and toys kept in the room. Later he follows her to the orphanage and finds her giving toys to kids. The kids ask why didn’t you go for long time. Ganga promises to get a boys’ treatment done and tells that she will get money after a day. She then meet old ladies and tells that she is an orphan and brought up here. She tells that she is living for them. Shiv hears her all. Fb ends.

Shiv says I have bear the pain of losing parents and then taking up the responsibility of my brothers. He says he had decided that my brothers will never be orphaned. He says when I saw you in Ashram, I felt that our story is not different, your helpless, your courage and everything. He says all my anger ended at that moment. Ganga looks on.


Gupta Brothers 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mridula comes as a bride at the door step. Alok asks why did you come? Shiv comes there and tells that Ganga has come here as my wife and will stay here. He shocks his brothers with his statement and walk inside with ganga.


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