Gupta Brothers 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gupta Brothers 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gupta Brothers 7th October 2020 Episode starts with Kamini and her mother bringing shagun at Shiv’s house. Alok and his brothers are surprised to see it. Inspector Videshi comes there. Kamini’s mom says if this marriage doesn’t happen then Inspector will arrest Alok for trapping Kamini. Inspector asks Constable to record everything. Shiv says when Kamini is claiming that she knows Alok since 6 months, then she shall answer everything about him correctly, and if the answers are wrong then..Inspector tells that Kamini and her mother will be jailed. Kamini asks him to ask him. Rajat asks Kamini, how many friends Alok have in friendsbook. Kamini says she is his 420th friend and shows on friendsbook surprising them. Veeru questions her. She says it is not a personal but physical question, I can’t answer, but I know that he has a mole on his back. Everyone is shocked. Kamini says only a lover can know this. Veeru says there is no mole on Alok’s back. Kamini’s mom asks the four men to check Alok and remove his kurta. Alok removes his kurta and everyone finds mole on his back. Jaya thinks I never saw mole on his back, how did she know? Kamini asks Shiv to agree. Shiv says my brother doesn’t know your daughter. He asks her about Alok’s bank balance. Kamini tells about all brother’s bank balance and accounts numbers and also insurance policy. She says if anything happens to you then your three brothers will get 50 lakhs each. Kamini’s mom asks them to agree now. Alok questions about the thread in his hand. Kamini says you had told me that Shiv got it tied by sadhu baba and asks him to remove it now. Kamini and her mom play the song and dance. She asks do anyone want to ask question? Jaya says she will ask them now. Kamini’s mom tells that who is she to question her. Shiv thinks Jaya’s question can catch her lie. He says Jaya is Alok’s childhood friend and our neighbor who can come here only. Jaya asks Kamini if she knows his favorite perfume, soap.

Kamini shows the stuff which she brought for him, which is his favorite and brought by her. Alok and his brothers are shocked. She asks him to try his favorite blue color suit. Shiv asks him to try. Alok comes there wearing the suit. Kamini’s mom says she will make him wear the ring. Jaya gets upset. Kamini’s mom asks Alok to check the size. Alok is surprised to see the size perfectly fitting. Alok’s mother gets happy from the photo frame. Shiv thinks what to do God, how to let Alok break his promise. Kamini bends down to take his blessings. Kamini’s mom threatens him and tells that if he don’t agree then they will be jailed. Shiv thinks his heart is not agreeing to whatever they are saying. He keeps his hand on Kamini’s head shocking Alok, Veeru and Rajat. Kamini’s mom tells that Alok and Kamini will marry within 24 hours. They leave.

Veer scolds Alok for hiding such a big thing from him and is about to hit him. Alok runs. They fight. Their mum asks Shiv to stop them. Veeru and Alok fight. Their mother asks Shiv to stop them. Alok touches Shiv’s feet and tells that he really don’t know her. Shiv tells that Kamini didn’t know about the brahmachari thread. He says he won’t let anything happen to his brothers and the girl made his brokers fight. He tells that their house is already a heaven and asks them to tell if their house needs a woman. They say no. Rajat says we don’t need anyone. Alok says you are Shiv and we are Shiv Bhakt and nobody can snatch our devotion for you. Their mom thinks her sons got trapped by Shiv. Shiv asks them to listen carefully and tells something. Rajat says I understood and says information is power. They hug each other.

Rajat spies in the neighborhood. Later in the night, Shiv asks him to tell how they got our information. Rajat tells him that those four men, barber, tailor, Chai wala, grocer gave every news to Kamini and her mother for the past 6 months. Alok asks how did she add herself in my friendsbook. Shiv says she must have hacked your account. The light comes back. Shiv sees Veeru missing and gets worried.


Gupta Brothers 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Jaya asks Alok to elope with her. Kamini’s mom asks them to find Alok. Alok refuses to get married. During marriage, Shiv tells that bride has come and will take the groom from here. Alok is shocked.


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