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Haiwan 10th November 2019 Episode Start With At her home, Gia offers Randhir a drink, she asks if he would like is strong or dilute it. Randhir pushes the glass away and turns to leave, he didn’t come to pass time with her. Gia reminds Randhir that she got him out of lockup, she has a right over his freedom. She may send him back in lock up any time. She understands his situation is really bad, he had cursed her that she wasn’t worthy of love. Right now, Randhir’s situation seems to be the same unlucky one. She tells Randhir she used Ansh’s blood to create her new Haiwan, and will create thousands of Haiwan now. Randhir blames that Gia is only playing with emotions of Ansh. Gia pushes an injection at the back of his neck, he faints.

Baby comes downstairs to the lab; he grabs a bag thinking everything must be mentioned in it. He comes across Ansh at the main door. The bag fells down. Ansh asks Baby what’s in the bag, Baby replies it has clothes in it. Ansh insists on him to open the bag. Baby sneezes right on Ansh’s hand. Ansh finds the shawl and was angry at Baby. Baby leaves.

Amrita marks a cut on her wrist with a razor, thinking she only loved Randhir and would only marry him. It was a dream. She wakes up to find Ansh besides her. Ansh says she looks beautiful. Nain Tara also comes in. They ask if she had a bad dream. Amrita says she had a dream that she died before her marriage. Nain Tara asks Amrita to wear some jewelry and come downstairs. Ansh promises to help. Ansh tries to put the bangles on, and forcefully does so. Amrita resists as she feels pain. Ansh was insensitive. Amrita snatches the necklace, insisting she would wear it herself. Ansh tells Amrita the guests are downstairs and after tonight’s party they would kiss. Everyone would know their love. Amrita sits to wear the anklet. She was cautious and hides a gun under her dress.

Randhir wakes up in Gia’s bed. Gia stood in the room in a night gown. Gia says their lives would change tonight. There, Ansh and Amrita would unite; and here they will be one. Randhir was still sleepy but tries to get off the bed. Gia removes his jacket and tries to pull him closer. Randhir’s head banged. Gia forces herself over him.

Baby jumps into Gia’s room. Gia was offended how he dare entered the room. Baby posed being innocent and was pulled out by Gia. Randhir takes the bag and wears the shawl in it. Baby was thrown out of Gia’s house by the guards. Randhir vanishes using the remote control attacked to the shawl. On the way, Baby was punched by an invisible thing. Randhir appears from nowhere. Baby was astonished, and requests him to do it once again. Randhir says it’s one of his Dad’s most successful and amazing experiments. Baby asks how it works. Randhir tells him that when light strikes an objects and reflects back to their eyes, only then an object is visible. If light is absorbed by this hard fabric, the object under it disappears. Only through red light, the man under the cloak is visible. Baby tries the red glasses and was fascinated.

Randhir now asks Baby about Dadi and Dharam Uncle. Baby says Ansh kidnapped Dadi and Dharam Uncle. Randhir understands that Amrita’s doubt was right, Ansh blackmailed her to marry him. He must stop this wedding in any possible way.

In the Sangeet function, Amrita sat for henna. Ansh pulls her forward and rubs the henna off, as his name wasn’t there anywhere. He takes her to the middle of the hall and forcefully dances with her. Baby wore the red glasses to see Randhir a part of Sangeet. He removes his cloak for a while only. Then whispers to Baby that Chetan would surely tell them where Dharam and Dadi are. They will plan forward. Baby was excited to terrify him.

Randhir and Baby come upstairs. Randhir stood outside the room. Chetan enters the corridor and finds Baby crying aloud. Baby says Randhir died. Chetan asks how it happened. Baby says there is a ghost there. Chetan turns around to see Randhir’s head following him in the air. Chetan was terrified and runs for his sister. Randhir inquires where are Dharam and Dadi. Chetan says he can show them and runs from the back door.

Nisha complains to Ansh he is cheating on her. The way he danced with Amrita, and held her closer. Ansh asks Nisha to believe him; he had to revenge Randhir. He was turned into a Haiwan because of Randhir. Nisha finally smiles weakly.

Amrita cries at the bar saying she loves Randhir and can’t do this. Randhir holds her tears in his fist. Amrita wipes her tears and says it seems she would go mad. Randhir speaks from under the cloak, he wouldn’t let her. He leaves her side.

Chetan drives Baby and Randhir’s ghostly visible neck.

Ansh comes to Amrita and promises that each of their life’s moment will be honeymoon once they are married. He reminds her about the promise of kiss. Amrita threatens him by pointing the gun towards him. The gun doesn’t work. Everyone from the guests was shocked. Ansh says it’s alright, it was a small presentation from them too. He kneels forward and says this love won’t die even after they have died. He kiss the back of her hand, then pulls her closer and warns that Randhir won’t be left alive if she attempts any such thing again.

Chetan leads Randhir and Baby to a house on the peak of mountain. Randhir asks Baby to be cautious. Chetan watches Randhir remove his cloak and regrets what he had done. They come across Gia’s new Haiwan. Randhir says this is the monster created by Gia’s blood sample. He shoots arrows towards the Haiwan. The teleporter reaches and vanishes with them.

Chetan calls Gia and informs her that Randhir reached their hidden location. Gia tells Ansh to stop Randhir, else he might never be able to marry Amrita. Ansh decides to finish Randhir’s story all together.

The teleporter brings Randhir and Baby to a deserted place. Baby insists on him to go back. The teleporter asks if he is a fool? Randhir wears the invisibility cloak and slaps teleporter. Baby cheerfully watches through his red glasses. The teleporter was badly injured. Baby thanks Randhir, but Randhir turns to save Dharam and Dadi. They were faced by Ansh as Haiwan. Gia also reached in her car.

Haiwan attacks Baby. Randhir wore the cloak and vanishes. Baby’s red glasses fell off. Randhir shoots the Haiwan. Gia says they need to stop this all. Randhir walks to Ansh and was about to kick him. Haiwan pulls off the invisibility cloak and threw Randhir away. He stands up once again.

Amrita stood in front of Randhir’s parents and speaks that they need their parents today. She wishes to come to this house as Randhir’s wife, not Ansh’s. They always ask help from elders, she requests them today to save their relationship.

Haiwan stepped over Randhir’s neck who suffocated. Randhir was badly beaten and thrown in air. He got in Gia’s car but Haiwan pushed the car. The car fell down in the lake.

There was a storm, Randhir’s photo on the wall breaks. Amrita was at once tensed.

Gia and Chetan cheer that Randhir is finished.

Amrita reaches the hospital. Baby was there. He looks towards Amrita helplessly. Amrita was in a disbelief. She comes to Morgue room. Randhir’s body lay there. Aditi says they found the body near the lake. Baby says he is no more. Amrita tells him to shut up. This can’t be Randhir. Aditi confirms this is Randhir. Amrita wasn’t ready to accept it. Randhir can’t leave her, he promised to stay with her always. He likes doing stupid pranks. She wakes Randhir up and shakes him by shoulders. The doctor announces he is dead. Amrita dials Randhir’s number and says he would surely take the call. His phone rings nearby on a stool. Amrita was broken and blames herself for all this.

In the dark, Baby spots Randhir and signals him helplessly. Randhir feels sorry for Amrita. He recalls taking Baby into the lab before they left to find Dharam and Dadi. He showed a robot of himself to Baby and said it was one of his failed experiment. If their plan fails, they will use a plan B. He will die for Ansh. Randhir recalls, when he had fallen on the floor he called Baby to activate Plan B. He wore the invisibility cloak and jumped off the car within seconds. Ansh watched the accident with Gia and Chetan and cherished his death in the lake. Baby was still filming. Ansh celebrated that they won, Amrita would be his. In the hospital, Randhir convinced the doctor to tell everyone that Randhir Agnihotri is dead. The doctor wasn’t ready. The doctor says this robot’s skin would begin to decay within 24 hours, his license might be cancelled. Randhir still requested him to help, else Dharam and Dadi’s life would be in danger. The doctor finally agreed.

Randhir leaves the hospital ward. Chetan stood outside the Morgue room. He gives the confirmation good news to Gia on call. The doctor tells Ansh that Amrita fainted due to shock, she will feel better once she is conscious. Ansh left with the doctor. Randhir and Baby were under the cloak. Baby locks the door. Randhir sits with Amrita and promises to fix everything. He needs to save Dharam Uncle and Dadi and then save her. He kisses her hand. Amrita opens her eyes and watches Randhir around. Randhir hides himself under the cloak. Baby tries to control Amrita but she rushes out.
Ansh returns to party and informs Nain Tara and husband that Randhir is dead. Nain Tara was happy. Ansh tells them not to make any noise, they will handle the situation later. Amrita comes to grab Ansh’s collar that Ansh killed Randhir, her Randhir. Nisha was taken aback and asks if Randhir is dead. Amrita says yes, Randhir left them all, forever. She mourns and fells unconscious. Ansh helps her on a couch and silently warns her that Randhir is dead, it won’t be good for her to take his name from tomorrow. Randhir watched this all.


Haiwan 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Gia tried to trace Teleporter’s location and wonders who is doing. The teleporter was in Randhir’s arrest. Randhir inquires about the location and says he will have to help him. The teleporter was ready to help Randhir.


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