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Haiwan 12th January 2020 Episode Start With Disha was offended why it would be fractured. He always thinks negatively for her. She then apologizes that she didn’t mean so. Dharam calls Disha as ‘Beti’ (daughter), and says if he had a second daughter she must have been like her, of her age; can he call her as Beti. Disha forbids him as she doesn’t mingle her professional and personal life. Disha leaves. Dharam says he feels like she is hiding something from him. Disha was tear eyed. She cries in her room, and says he is realizing after years that he has another daughter as well; she has suffered for years for this recognition only. She and her mother suffered because of him. She made two promises with her mother, one that she will make him suffer and secondly she will achieve that Ashvadhyama Ratan, which is a solution to all of their problems.

Randhir discusses a solution with Baby, as only the girl who performed the hypnosis could now solve their problem. They sat in a party. Randhir explains to Baby that it’s the birthday party of their common friend, he is sure Ansh and Amrita would come to the party. The party girl comes to Randhir. Ansh and Amrita reach the party. Everyone stares towards Amrita with Ansh and wonders what they are doing together. Amrita goes to settle her dress pleats. Randhir tries to stop Pari from talking to Ansh and Amrita being together. She was irked at Ansh and leaves instead.

Randhir comes to washroom to wash his hands. Amrita tried the door but it was jammed. Randhir pulls her aside and says there is a CCTV, if she wished the photo of Shimodra fixing her saree appears tomorrow on the front page of newspaper. A young man comes to use washroom. Randhir sends him away as Madam is trying to fix her saree. He waits towards the door to keep everyone away. Amrita looks towards Randhir’s back, thinking about him all the time. She thanks Randhir and leaves the washroom.

In the party, Gia’s man reports that Ansh is in the café with Amrita. Gia tells Govind its time they activate their plan. The Haiwan appears in the lab. Govind says this creature will kidnap Ansh and get information of that girl, then that girl will hypnotize Randhir and get information of red diary. They will be able to reach Ashvadhyama then.

A friend comes to request Ansh help him get his car parked. Pari announces a game in which every girl had to pick a car key, and whoever the car would belong will be her dance partner. Pari forces Amrita to take part in the competition. It was Randhir’s key that Amrita picks. Pari comes to take Randhir and explains how she made sure Amrita picks the last key and its Randhir’s. Amrita wasn’t ready but Pari forces them to dance together.

Randhir and Amrita dance together. Everyone clap for the couple. Amrita moves to a side and thinks why she always feel strangely whenever Randhir is around, this is surely love. Ansh comes inside. Amrita was in a hurry to leave.

Baby urges Randhir to do something as Ansh is taking Amrita. Randhir says this time he will provoke Ansh’s anger and compel him to turn into a Haiwan. Amrita will know his truth then. Randhir comes behind Ansh and Amrita outside the café. He tells Ansh that his partner has offered him a deal, she needs one thing and in return she will reverse Amrita’s memory. Ansh says it won’t happen, no one needs anything. Randhir laughs that Ansh has lost even after doing all this; Amrita will be his very soon. Ansh’s eyes blinked red, his face turns green. He clutches Randhir’s neck. Govind’s Haiwan appears in the garden of café and throws Ansh in the air, kicks him and throws him again. Amrita shouts at Ansh to go, he won’t be able to counter this creature. The Haiwan pulls Ansh from his neck. Govind enjoys that everyone will witness the power of their new creature. Amrita was protective of Ansh. Randhir regrets the failure of his plan. Baby speaks to Randhir that Ansh is being beaten badly, what if he doesn’t turn to monster. Randhir says he will have to do something to protect Ansh. Baby tells Randhir he has the plan ready. Ansh thinks he can’t turn to Haiwan in front of Amrita, he can no way afford to lose Amrita again. The monster now clutches Amrita by her neck. Randhir jumps over the fence. Amrita was throws by the monster on floor and it now clutched Randhir’s neck. Randhir jumps over Amrita and rolls her to the corner of the garden. Ansh thinks he can’t counter this creature in front of Amrita, he will have to go away. He runs towards the forest. Gia wonders why Ansh is running away from the café. Govind knew the exact reason.

In the forest, Ansh roars at the monster as Haiwan. Randhir and Amrita reach there. Amrita didn’t recognize the other creature and instead looks for Ansh. Baby comes to the forest in a helicopter and throws Randhir’s bag. Randhir shots an arrow at the new monster. The Haiwan attacks the monster. Randhir throws another arrow making it suffer badly. Grewal’s connection with the creature had ended. Govind tells Gia to get their creature back, else Randhir and Ansh will end him. Haiwan also runs into the forest. Amrita was looking for Ansh, then notices Randhir’s injury. Baby’s tiny helicopter lands on the floor. Randhir tells Amrita he is his assistant. Ansh comes running to Amrita. Amrita was concerned for his injuries. Ansh takes her aside. Randhir says its final then, he will accept the deal of his partner. Ansh’s eyes blink red while Amrita looks quizzical. Ansh tells Randhir he can never win. Amrita inquires about the deal but Ansh says it’s nothing. He takes Amrita away.

Nain Tara hears about Amrita’s state of mind from a servant. JK says it seems the same person who did this to Nisha is now controlling Amrita’s mind. JK tells Nain Tara to stay away from Disha as she feels so powerful to him.

Ansh questions Disha why she made a deal with Randhir. Disha understands that its Randhir’s trap, he must be keeping an eye over them. Ansh looks around wondering how. Disha spots a spy camera on Ansh’s shirt. Randhir and Baby watch the footage. Randhir had fixed the camera while Ansh grabbed his collar. Randhir says at least they now know that Disha isn’t a nurse only, she is the lady with powers of hypnosis. Baby was still unsure about the game plan of the girl, as she could have directly hypnotized him. What if she is with Gia? Randhir agrees.

Randhir comes downstairs looking for Disha. His cell phone falls off. He had just bent down. Amrita brings the thaal to dining table as it was time to break her fast and calls Ansh. She wished she eats from his hand the first bite. Amrita insists he comes out but when Randhir doesn’t move, Amrita stands with her eyes shut. Randhir silently thinks he wish her cured really soon. He silently comes out from behind the table and holds Amrita by arms. Amrita had her eyes still shut and asks him to get something into her mouth first. Randhir gives her a bite from Prasad. Randhir thinks he won’t let her suffer, he exists only when she is there. He takes a bite from the Prasad after Amrita, then kiss her cheek. He tells Amrita it’s amazing. Amrita was offended. Randhir teasingly leaves, eating up the sweet.

Gia was amazed that what Disha was capable of, and says she can easily hypnotize Randhir and get them the diary. Chetan wonders why they wasted so many time in all these experiments. Govind says the way would not be easy. After 2020, Ashvadhyama curse will end and he will also strive to get the Ratan back. They will have to fight Ashvadhyama himself, but firstly we want to capture that girl.

Randhir finds Disha in the balcony staring at stars. She speaks to Randhir that he must stop playing games anymore and come forward. She turns to Randhir. Randhir tells her to free Amrita from her hypnosis. Disha asks if it is so easy. She tries to hypnotize Randhir then says he will do what she wants. She wants to know the map of Ashvadhyama Ratan’s. Randhir begins to dance. Disha wonders why her hypnosis doesn’t work on him. Randhir comes from behind and says he isn’t human, he is a look alike robot and would take his orders only. He tells Redics to capture her. Baby was impressed by Redics.
Randhir tells Disha she can’t harm him as he applied a filter on his glasses. Disha says Randhir can never win the game. Randhir suggests about burning the map to reach Ashvadhyama Ratan. Disha says there is a problem, she knows how to perform hypnosis but can’t undo it. If he wants to get his wife back, he will have to help her find Ashvadhyama Ratan as only it can cure him. She got the other half of the map. Randhir asks who told her about the map. Disha tells him to enjoy the chocolate. Randhir tells Redics to leave her. Nain Tara hears the conversation and wonders what Ashvadhyama Ratan is. Randhir thinks he needs to cure Amrita at any cost, but make sure no one else reaches the Ashvadhyama Ratan.
The next morning, Chetan tells Grewal’s that Disha got the other part of the map and has offered Randhir to team up. Govind feels unwell and asserts that the map only belongs to them.

Grewals were headed to New Year party in the café. Gia tells Gia they are headed to the party only to get Ansh and Disha in their team. Govind says only few hours are left for 2020. This time, Ashvadhyama himself will be a part of the fight to gain Ashvadhyama.


Haiwan 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Disha promises Ansh that she won’t let Amrita’s memory get back because of Ashvadhyama Ratan. Ansh and Disha team up with Grewals’. Disha comes behind Amrita and hits her head with a wooden stick.


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