Haiwan 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update


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Haiwan 18th January 2020 Episode Start With the party going on in Valentines Café. Ansh sat in the café thinking about Randhir’s warning. He wonders what Randhir got that Disha needs and trade against Amrita. Ansh wonders what Randhir has which Disha wants. He excuses himself and calls Disha to the party for an important talk.

Randhir sat outside. Baby convinces Randhir that there is a single solution to cure Amrita. He must help Disha and find the Ratan and gain Amrita back; otherwise he must be ready to accept Ansh and Amrita’s relation. Randhir says the way to that Ratan must be tough, its powerful and dangerous as well. Whenever there were fights for money or power, it resulted in destruction and he never wants that. He wishes Amrita’s memory can be regained through some other mean.

Dharam checks into Disha’s bag. Dadi tries to stop him. Dharam was restless and says he needs to find out the truth about Disha, else he might go mad. He throws the bag away in rage.

Amrita notices Ansh was a little tensed. Ansh reassures he is fine whenever around Amrita. Randhir and Amrita orders Apple Juice together. The bar manager comments whenever two people make an order together, their party goes rocking. Amrita changes the order, Randhir follows. Both says Orange Juice together again. Ansh now threatens Randhir to even try and get around Amrita.

Dharam finds his family photo in Disha’s luggage, along with his wife and other daughter. He says he needs to speak to Disha.

Amrita spots Disha in the party and wonders what she is doing here, she must have been home to take care of Papa. Ansh goes to speak to Disha and takes her outside.

A guy stops Amrita and tries to flirt. Amrita was angry.

Dharam and Dadi were in the car. Dharam was determined to speak to Disha if she is his daughter or not. Dadi says it will bring the bitter reality to them again.

Randhir grabs Amrita and brings her in the dance floor. Amrita tries to get away but Randhir doesn’t let go of her. Randhir tries to remind Amrita of their old conversation, and says Amrita has not been able to see his reality at the moment. Amrita wonders why it feels she has spoken to Randhir about this before. Randhir thinks there might be some way to regain Amrita’s memory without the Ashvadhyama.

Randhir tells Amrita about the dangerous night when their lives were in danger, and they had fallen in love afterwards. Randhir walks away. Amrita wonders what she is missing on that connects Randhir and her strangely.

Disha tells Ansh about the Ratan, diary and Randhir. She says she now wants Ansh’s help to get hold of the diary. Ansh tells Disha its really simple, she can hypnotize Randhir and find out where the diary is. Disha says she never does pointless acts; she has a reason always.

Inside the café, Amrita comes to see the photographs in the café. She spots her photo with Randhir and wonders where and when it was clicked.

Disha tells Ansh that she doesn’t want Randhir’s help at all. She only wants the half portion of that map. Once they have accomplished their mission there won’t be any partner except them two. She clarifies to Ansh she isn’t giving any choices to him, enmity against her means no Amrita as she can undo Amrita’s memory at once. Disha leaves. Ansh turns to see Gia overhearing their conversation. Gia offers Ansh a double offer.

Amrita was hurriedly walking in the parking of cars. Disha hits Amrita while crossing her way and spots the photography of Amrita and Randhir together. Disha asks what they are doing together. Amrita says she also wonders why they are together in the photo and so happy with each other. She scolds Disha for being out of the house, leaving her father all alone. Disha apologizes saying he was asleep and she is just going home. Disha takes a chance to hit Amrita at the back of her head and takes the photograph to Ansh.

On the other side of parking, Dharam and Dadi meet Disha. Disha asks what he is doing here, he is unwell and must not have come here. Dharam says he came to meet his daughter that is she. He shows her the photograph and says he was only in doubt till today, but now he realized she is his daughter. Disha shows her annoyance and says she hates this word, daughter. Dadi questions why she came here to revise the past. Disha advocates her mother from the past. Dadi inquires who was wrong then. Her mother turned their lives to hell. Disha blames her father and the family to make her and her mother suffer. Dadi questions why she came here then. Disha replies she will explain all this, but would never keep any relation to them. Dadi says she is exactly like her mother and frightens her.

Nain Tara stood in her room’s window thinking about Ashvadhyama. JK asks why she is lost. Nain Tara says they have been dependent on someone for whole of their lives, firstly Randhir and now Gia. JK reminds what Nain Tara did to stay here. Nain Tara says she did everything for them and her family. Now she has decided not to stay dependent anymore. She now wants to grab the Ashvadhyama Ratan and sale it to someone who would pay them the most.

Disha walks towards Ansh but was startled to find him with the Grewal. Chetan tells Govind about Disha. Govind greets Disha and says he wished to meet her. They shake hands. Govind comments that finally they have met.

Baby was in the car and talks to Randhir that he must pair up with Disha. Otherwise, Disha will team up with Ansh and Grewal. There, Randhir finds Amrita in the café, her head hurting badly while she awaited Ansh. Randhir was concerned and goes to offer her a glass of water. Amrita looked confused. The New Year was a few minutes away. The host of party forces all the couples to start the dance. Randhir smiles that it’s just universe’s plan to get them together. Amrita says she saw a happy photo of theirs on a wall in the café. She is extremely confused what is going on. Randhir says he understands she is complexed, but she will find the answers soon herself, from within her heart. Amrita shares with Randhir she is at peace, relaxed and content whenever around him. This shouldn’t happen, because she is Ansh’s wife. Randhir says she needn’t overthink. The New Year countdown begin. Randhir wishes Amrita a Happy New Year. The host asks them to hug their partner. Amrita backs up as its wrong. Randhir convinces Amrita he is her husband and not Ansh’s’. Amrita denies this and leaves the café. Randhir walks out of the café with a smile. Baby says he is relieved to see Randhir smiling.

Govind tells Disha it won’t be easy for her to get the red diary and defeat Randhir. Disha understands Randhir isn’t an easy target, that’s why she got them out of the jail by hypnotizing the commissioner. Govind laughs understanding Disha is a team. Ansh was also with them. Ansh says he got Amrita with much difficulty and can’t afford to lose her.

Amrita was thinking about all her confusions. She stood on a bridge and wonders why she feels so strange around Randhir.

Randhir discusses with Baby that love is extremely powerful. Amrita’s memory is also helpless in front of her love for him. Its decided that Amrita still got the feeling of their relationship. There are feelings in one part of brain, while memory in other. He wants to activate her memory through her feelings. Baby says it might take a lot of time, and they have no time. Randhir says he isn’t interested in this fight of the Ratan everyone is behind.

Govind tells Disha she must grab the second part of map from Randhir. Disha says she has looked into whole of the house but map is nowhere. Only Randhir’s lab is left. Gia says Randhir’s lab isn’t an easy place. Chetan says they secretly placed some cameras there but they were blocked. All the secrets are hidden there. Disha asks why be late then. Ansh was determined to kill Randhir today, he doesn’t want a hurdle in his and Amrita’s way.

Amrita was still confused wondering if she must listen to her heart or brain. She wonders whom she must take help from. All at once there was thunderstorm and lightening. A fictional face appears in the dark. Randhir’s car comes to a halt. His watch shows someone broke into his lab. He wonders who it possibly can be. He goes out to see the tyre of his car punctured. He was gathered by Randhir by Ansh as Haiwan and the monster. He understands they wanted to keep them busy. Randhir takes Baby and his bag and runs the other way.

Disha and Gia were in Randhir’s lab. Disha says it’s like a puzzle. Things aren’t where they appear to be. They decide to look into every corner. Randhir hides behind a tree in the forest and pulls his arrows, shooting them towards the monsters. He shots an injection towards the monster and runs away without touching Haiwan.

Disha and Gia look around the lab.

Haiwan grabs Randhir and kicks him on the floor. Randhir requests Ansh to stop but Haiwan throws him from up in the air. It turns to Ansh who says Randhir didn’t listen to his threats and warnings. He says his hands saved Randhir once, but now he will kill Randhir. Randhir suffers all the beatings. Ansh says today, he will kill Randhir not as Haiwan but as Ansh.

Gia was able to hack Randhir’s computer. A vault appears under the floor of the lab. Gia tries to judge the password of the vault. The vault opens and inside was a red diary. Gia says she saw the CCTV footage; map is in this diary. They search the diary but all in vain. Gia now calls Ansh and says Randhir can’t be killed. They couldn’t find the map in diary and only Randhir knows about it. Ansh grabs Randhir’s collar. Randhir smiles saying he would never tell him about the map. Ansh spares Randhir and leaves. Baby comes there. Randhir tells Baby he does not have the map and Gia and Disha didn’t find it, this means it has been stolen.


Haiwan 19th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Amrita was being followed in her car by a strange creature. Dharam tell Randhir that Disha is his daughter and Amrita’s sister.


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