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Haiwan 22nd September 2019 Episode Start With Randhir takes the flowers towards Amrita. She was uncomfortable. Randhir walks to the guy who just offered a coffee to Amrita. He tries posing a gay relationship with him. Amrita laughs, while Ansh hides his face. Randhir reminds the guy he had made several promises to him already. The guy tries to run away from Randhir and leaves the party. Randhir watches Amrita laugh and walks back. He asks if she enjoyed it.

Ansh warns him that his connection with girls would finish this way. Randhir says he is concerned with a single one. Ansh asks who? Randhir says he will tell him the day she says a Yes. Ansh wish his good luck. Ansh says if a girl says yes for Randhir, he promises to be his wedding horse and carry Randhir on his shoulders. Amrita excuses herself. Ansh asks Randhir what he did to her. Ansh says they must tell Amrita that Randhir collected all the proofs, and he had nothing to do with them. Amrita heard this conversation and was happy to know that Randhir gave all the proofs to Ansh which helped her arrest Govind Grewal.

The Yeti Master grow in size as it absorbs increased electricity. He spots a motorcyclist and preys on it.

It was now raining heavily. Randhir and Amrita carried a single umbrella. Amrita thanks Randhir for all the proofs. She says she spoke to Dadi, and she told her it wasn’t Randhir who changed her clothes last night. Randhir place his hand on her back and pulls her together. Randhir asks if she didn’t get a smaller umbrella; what she must have thought about him had he brought the umbrella. Amrita says, a few days ago she must have thought him wrong, but not anymore.

She poses to be a bad guy, she wonders why he shows himself an evil. She questions why Randhir does this to himself. Randhir remembers the responsibility of Super Human his father left him for. Amrita asks Randhir what are his secrets. Randhir replies he has a few secrets, everyone has. If someone would love him, then the person would love his secrets and everything else as well. He walks away. Ansh comes to tell Randhir that Yeti Master is alive, he killed all the guards. He tells Amrita she has a call from station, the Yeti Master is forwarding towards the city.

Later, the restaurant was on fire. Yeti Master absorbs energy from the street poles. Amrita reaches the spot. Aditi, the inspector was worried about how they are going to stop this. Amrita replies they must do something. Yeti Master was charged once again. Amrita follows the Yeti Master as it’s her duty to protect the city.

Randhir tells Ansh that Yeti Master was alive because of thunderstorm. They trace his location. Randhir understands its moving towards main power supply, and if it connects there then they won’t be able to stop him anyway. Randhir decides to find another way, as the water won’t work this time.

The staff at the power station leaves. Aditi and her team reaches the Yeti Master. Yeti Master efficiently kills them through electric shocks. The staff from the main power station comes outside. Yeti Master throws electric balls towards them. Amrita’s phone bell rings. Randhir tells Amrita to clear every way towards the Main Power Station, if the Yeti Master connects itself to the conductor then it will be dangerous for the whole country.

Gia and Chetan watch the news about Govind and the monster in city. Govind comes into the lab from behind and says the Yeti Master got life again because of thunder from skies. Chetan was shocked to see him. Gia explains it was a lab assistant who went in mask to the police station. She tells Govind that arrangements have been completed, Amrita will never know Govind isn’t there. Govind tells them to fix Ansh and Randhir, they must break their friendship as it’s their biggest strength.

Amrita reaches the power station. Yeti Master was there to attack her. Randhir comes there, jumps over Amrita and rolls with her inside. Inside, the staff wasn’t there. Randhir asks Amrita to help him and get a foil from his bag. Amrita says it’s a sandwich. Randhir replies his mother said, a brain never works when hungry. Amrita notices the Yeti Master had almost reach the conductor. Amrita goes outside and fires a few bullets on Yeti Master. All at once, Randhir watches the Super Human arrive. Amrita was shocked and wonders what kind of creature is this. Randhir connects his head phones to Ansh. He tells Ansh to lay there posing to be dead, meanwhile he will connect the power station to his laptop and increase the potential.

Then Yeti Master won’t be able to bear the electricity power. He signals Ansh for the attack. The Super Human attacks and a blast kills Yeti Master. The fire reaches the window and Randhir fells back. Amrita was worried for Randhir, she comes to wake Randhir up and cries requesting him to open his eyes. She says I love you Randhir, she won’t be able to live without her. He asked her, and her reply is yes. She says it must be some silly joke of his. Randhir weakly opens his eyes. Amrita hugs him and cries saying I love you. Randhir says I love you too. Gia had walked inside and thinks it’s great, Ansh loves Randhir and Amrita loves Randhir. What can be better to break their friendship?

Ansh happily watches the news of his praise on media. He decides to propose Amrita today and turns to leave. Gia comes into his room. Ansh was furious. Gia says she is his real friend, he only doesn’t recognize the real friends. There is someone else who would never allow him and Amrita to be together.

Amrita wipes Randhir’s bruise on his forehead. Randhir continue to stare at her. Amrita says staring would not reduce the bruise. Randhir replies it will surely reduce the pain then. Ansh watched this from a distance with Gia. He was aggressive and turns into a Super Human running away into the forest. He recalls telling Randhir about his love, his moments with Amrita.

He questions why Randhir did this, and cries there. He had told Randhir about his love for Amrita, Randhir was his friend and should have understood his love. He falls on the floor, unconscious. Gia walks towards Ansh and says she likes Haiwan better than Super Human. He shouldn’t accept defeat, instead revenge the one who hurt him. Randhir took advantage of him as a friend, and then cheated on him. He can prove to Randhir that he isn’t any downtrodden being. If he shakes hand with her, he can get anything he wants to have in the world, ever her love Amrita. Ansh stares at Amrita.

In Grewal Pharmaceuticals, Ansh walks ahead of Gia and Chetan. Gia scans the door to their lab. Ansh stands in front of the bed. He remembers his friendship with Randhir and their brotherly relationship. A picture of Randhir kissing Amrita flashes in his mind and he takes his shirt off. The machine signals ‘Danger’. Ansh lay on the bed where Gia gives him the injection for negativity. Ansh’s veins constrict, his body turns green while his eyes flash red. He says Randhir had seen his friendship till today, but now he will watch his enmity. He gets off the bed as Super Human and roars loudly. Gia tells Super Human that his first task, which will benefit both of them, is to kill Randhir. Go and take his revenge, kill Randhir.

The Super Human walks out of the lab. Gia says once Ansh has turned to a compete Haiwan, he will pave their way to Randhir’s lab. He will then help them bring the red diary and create thousands of Haiwan.Randhir and Amrita stood in the balcony arm in arm. Amrita says she can’t believe she love him in the whole world. Randhir pinches her and asks her to confirm if it’s an infatuation. Amrita asks if she is a teenager who would go crazy after anyone. Does he now considers himself extremely smart, and handsome? Randhir says one must appreciate a person once for a while. He was excited to tell Ansh about themselves. Amrita says Randhir would not be reluctant to even invite him to their honeymoon.

Randhir says he has a girl he was about to propose. Randhir says Ansh must also marry with them, there will be two Mandap. Amrita says he seems to be more interested in Ansh’s wedding than his bride. Amrita pulls his collars and says when the wife-to-be is a police woman, one shouldn’t discuss such things. Randhir takes a leave as he is busy. Amrita stops Randhir and asks if that Super Human is his secret. Randhir tells Amrita that both of them aim to end crimes from the city. He was there at the time of Haiwan’s attacks to protect the city, this doesn’t show he has any connections with the Super Human. He poses to be kissing Amrita and instead bites her nose, then runs away.

Randhir gets a call from Amrita on the streets. It was Amrita on the video call and says she was only missing him. He must call her when he has reached home. Randhir heard a strange voice from behind him. At once, Amrita lost the network with him, and warns to leave the forest. Randhir instead chases the voice and runs into the forest. The Super Human pulls Randhir from the back of his neck and up hanging in the air. Randhir struggles for a while and faints. The Super Human leaves him and he falls on the floor. Ansh throws his fist on the floor and cries for Randhir. He pulls his collar and cries that Randhir was his friend, brother and in fact his life. He had saved Randhir’s life, and been there with him forever since then. How could Randhir betray him? He told Randhir about his love for Amrita but Randhir didn’t understand his love. He snatched his dream from him. He screams aggressively, and shouts he won’t spare him. He will kill him.


Haiwan 28th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ansh comes to Gia and tells her to pull the devil solution out of his body. Gia replies its impossible. Ansh says he doesn’t know, he wants to protect his identity from Amrita. Ansh comes to Amrita’s place and says I love you to her.


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