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Haiwan 3rd November 2019 Episode Start With Randhir complains that she doesn’t trust him. Amrita thinks Ansh trapped them in this trap of doubt, it should appear to him that his plan worked. She will explain to Randhir when alone. She now shouts at Randhir to tell her what problem she has now. Randhir says this is personal and he wish to discuss this when they are lonely. Amrita blames that Randhir has begun to experiment on normal individuals now. Randhir asks her to bring the proof. Amrita says she will, when she has investigated the matter. Dharam asks why Amrita is doubting Randhir. Amrita says Randhir is always hiding from her. Randhir tries to take her out but she didn’t want to hear anything.

Dharam and Dadi follow her out. Randhir says someone’s hatred cannot stop this Pooja. Amrita tells her parents that she trusts Randhir a lot, she only did this to show off to Ansh that their relationship is in danger. Ansh is hiding his real intention and wants to create misunderstands between her and Randhir from within. Ansh came to her room last night. Then when in morning she went to Gia’s lab, she could smell Ansh’s perfume from the diary. This shows whether he was around or had just left. She needs to prove Ansh’s reality to Amrita. She has a proof.

Randhir does the pooja at home. Outside, Ansh calls Gia and was appreciative of her plan. They are fighting like animal. They only need to be given a little air.

In the room, Amrita takes help from Aditi and asks her to tie her to the chair and get everything else ready. Aditi marks a bruise on Amrita’s neck that seemed just real. She calls Ansh. Ansh comes out to take the call. Aditi asks to speak to Randhir, Amrita went to Gia’s house unaided. And there must be some problem, they couldn’t connect to her. A waiter passes by with landline phone talking to Amrita. Ansh takes the phone. It was Amrita, crying who asks Randhir for help. Ansh says he will be there right away.

Ansh turns to Haiwan and reaches Gia’s house. Gia was clueless and so were Govind and Chetan. They hear Amrita crying from the room. Ansh runs inside and unties Amrita’s rope. She says their plan wasn’t to hurt Amrita, it was only to create misunderstanding between her and Randhir. Gia minds Ansh that he spit the whole plan in front of her. Amrita wipes the makeup and opens the wardrobe door. Aditi had recorded whatever they said. Gia asks Ansh how he can be so senseless.

Amrita says he isn’t senseless, he is only an unthankful friend. Randhir had been after his cure, but Ansh must be a devil since childhood. He was surely after Randhir’s money since childhood. She goes to tell Randhir all the truth. Ansh was aggressive. Gia says they still got a way to turn the game around. Ansh asks how.
Randhir stood with his hand inverted on flame. He was drinking and feels upset about everyone always blaming him. Baby comes to Randhir. He says he has seen people being blinded in love, but he losing all his senses. If he was thinking about Amrita; but then every girl behaves like this. It’s because of estrogen. He gets Amrita’s call but didn’t want to speak to her.

Amrita and Aditi’s car spots Ansh running towards Randhir’s house as Haiwan.

Amrita parents were worried as they call her. Amrita tries to record a voice message but the battery was dead. She speaks to Dharam through Aditi’s phone. At home, Amrita asks the staff about Randhir and was headed to her room. She speaks from the other side of door as Randhir was in the bath. She says there was a reason behind the way she spoke to him. It was Ansh who misled them both. He came to her room last night and insisted to let him stay; he had forbidden her to call him and then himself told him in the morning. She has a video recording as well. She insists on Randhir to at least speak something. Ansh was standing in the bath in towel and walks out, asking what to say. Amrita was shocked to see him.

Randhir and Baby sat in the terrace. Randhir didn’t want to speak to Amrita. Baby insists he will speak to Amrita herself. Randhir spills a drink over the cell phone.

Ansh hushes Amrita up, and threatens to kill someone and she will be responsible. Amrita stammers where is Randhir, what he did to her. Ansh smiles and says he hasn’t done anything yet. He complements Amrita looks extremely pretty. He now twists Amrita’s arm behind her and says she will do what he will be doing now. He asks her to watch a video on his phone.

Neha’s mother comes to Randhir and suggests about meeting a Pandit. Gia suddenly took over the company, she couldn’t have denied. Randhir turns to leave. She says it seems Amrita deliberately fought with him, he doesn’t own the business now and will be poor soon. Randhir defends that Amrita isn’t that kind of girl. Baby comes there. Randhir asks about Amrita. Baby teases him but Randhir moves on.

Amrita stood in Randhir’s room. Randhir hugs her from behind and asks her to forgive whatever happened. He notices Amrita was stressed and crying. He assures Amrita that everything is fine between them. He wonders why Ansh even claimed to be with her last night. Ansh stood at the door boastfully. Amrita was silent. Randhir asks Amrita to be comfortable. Amrita now speaks up. She complains he is used to believing what he deems right. Ansh was telling the truth, he was with her all night, in her room. Randhir asks if he hurt her. Amrita asks why he would, he was there with her consent. They have sorted all misunderstandings, and now she realized she loves Ansh.

Amrita remembers the video was of Dadi being tortured by Ansh through electric bands. She was given two options, either to marry Randhir and lose them; or be Mrs. Ansh. Randhir was in a disbelief. Amrita clarifies she isn’t lying. She always wish to tell him, even Ansh tried to tell him that they love each other. She convince Randhir that she loves Ansh since childhood. She is simple girl and wants a simple and emotional life partner, like Ansh. Randhir is a scientist and does big things, he is rich and used to all the luxuries. She requests Randhir not to hate her and turns to leave. Randhir holds her hand and asks if someone is blackmailing her, if it’s Ansh. Amrita stops Randhir and leaves out of the room. Randhir thinks he will find out the truth.

Amrita walks downstairs. Ansh holds Amrita in the hall through waist and asks her to say I love you to him. Amrita resists the grip. Ansh says they must prepare for wedding. Amrita looks worried. Ansh calls teleporter and asks if he is taking care of Amrita’s Dadi and father. Amrita cries as the teleporter press the buttons. She watches her Dadi and father tremble in pain and agrees to marry Ansh. Ansh clarifies to Amrita that she must continue to repeat her words in front of Randhir, he is stubborn and will continue his attempts.

Gia celebrates with family as this Diwali will bring celebrations and happiness, it will part Randhir and Amrita away as well. Govind asks why Gia feels less interested in Red Diary of Deepak and more in breaking Randhir-Gia’s relationship. Gia says Randhir thought she wasn’t worth love, now he wouldn’t be left worth loving.

At home, Randhir was ready as groom and discuss with Baby that Pandit ji thinks it’s the best Mohrat. He will marry Amrita right away. He asks Baby to send Mohan inform Dharam and Dadi in the out-house. Baby asks Randhir what if Amrita disagrees.

Ansh watches the Baraat from the room window. Amrita stood with bed post crying. Dharam and Dadi’s bodies still tremble. Ansh comes to carve a tattoo of his name on Amrita’s arm. She retaliates and says it hurts. Ansh tells Amrita their initials are same, A for Amrita and A for Ansh. Ansh tells the teleporter to relax them; and tells Amrita their plan further.

Amrita comes out. Randhir asks her to come and they will marry tonight, he can’t hear these dialogues. Amrita says she was neither waiting for him, nor got ready for him. She just married Ansh. Ansh walks outside. Randhir asks them to stop this, its now being dragged pointlessly. Amrita takes Randhir inside and show their marriage certificate to Randhir. It had their signatures as well. Ansh tries to apologize Randhir as it happened so suddenly. Amrita says she has moved on in life, its better he moves on as well. Randhir doesn’t believe all this. She says this is true. She also got a tattoo of Ansh’s name, their wedding gift for Ansh.

They lawyer at Amrita’s house confirms they are officially married now. Amrita asks Randhir to go away, she belongs to Ansh and will always be his. Randhir murmurs in disbelief that this wedding can’t take place. Amrita tells Randhir it has been done. Randhir says his brother, his friend couldn’t marry in a closed house. Whole of Shimodra must have been invited. He offers Ansh to take up everything he brought with him, they only need to change the name of groom. Ansh was thinks it’s a good idea. Amrita thinks she must delay the wedding. She says she wants all the rituals for her wedding, Mehndi, Sangeet and then wedding. Ansh hugs Amrita from behind and agrees for all the rituals. Randhir hugs Ansh and congratulates him. He takes up the responsibility for their wedding and offers to invite whole of Shimodra. He congratulates Amrita and complements them as a couple. He leaves the house dancing and drinking out of pain.

Afterwards, Ansh tells Amrita to focus on her work. She must prepare her wedding, as she should try and be smart. Amrita says she hasn’t signed the papers, and they aren’t married yet. Ansh asks her not to cry; they will be married after a day. He warns her not to try and do anything wrong.


Haiwan 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ansh shares his excitement of wedding. He plans the wedding night as well. Randhir discusses with Baby that he wants to give the best gift to Amrita and Ansh on their wedding night. He will make a solution to treat Ansh in next twenty four hours.


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