Haiwan 5th January 2020 Written Episode Update


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Haiwan 5th January 2020 Episode Start With Amrita reaches the hospital. Ansh waited with a bouquet for her thinking Disha must have controlled her. Amrita threatens that she will kill herself if Ansh forwards towards her. Ansh realizes Disha has failed and runs away as a Haiwan.

Randhir sat with Dharam and says he never attacked him, it was a robot that Govind had made. Amrita comes inside and emotionally hugs Dharam. Dharam says her prayers have been fulfilled, and now they can easily fight with each other. A nurse comes to take Amrita for some signatures. Disha stood outside. Dharam discusses with Dadi that when he was in comma he had a strange feeling. It felt as if his second daughter came and held his hand, calling him Papa. He never told Amrita what happened to their mother. Dadi says Dharam must let Amrita live a happy and peaceful life. They must let Amrita live with the misunderstanding that her mother has died, and she is their only child. Disha heard the conversation from the door. She thinks their lie has ruined her life, and her mother’s as well. She will now ruin their lives.

Amrita signs the papers and was upset that they can’t take Dharam home right now, he just woke up. Randhir tells Amrita it’s possible only if they appoint a qualified nurse and medical set up at home. Amrita cries and calls Randhir as his angel. They say I love you to each other.

Ansh stops Disha outside the hospital and asks why she lied to him. Should he kill her? Disha tells him to keep her threats to herself, he can’t ruin anything for him. He turns to Haiwan to show her. She works with her eyes and orders him to turn Ansh. Ansh was quizzical how it happened. Disha tells him not to consider her an enemy, she still got half a day to fulfil her promise.

Amrita and Randhir pass by a hospital room. There was a hysterical man whose wife was crying. Amrita shares with Randhir about all the strange happenings, the fight in café, the commissioner and then this man. Randhir requests the lady to bring her husband to his lab. In the lab, he reads the brain and notices the memory of that man had been washed. He suggests someone is playing with their brains. They walk downstairs and discuss there is someone other than Gia or Chetan. Amrita goes to check the CCTV. In the café, Gia checked the footage. Chetan recognizes Disha and Gia asks him to copy the footage in pen drive. She tells the manager to say to police that their cameras were out of work for maintenance. Gia tells Chetan this girl is more powerful than anything they have created till date.
At home, Randhir stood with Amrita in kitchen. Aditi calls Amrita and says the cameras were out of order for maintenance.

Gia calls Nain Tara and says she sent a photo, she needs to be informed immediately if this girl is spotted around Amrita or Randhir.

Randhir reads the recipe for cake that Amrita was making. He asks why such hard work, as Dharam won’t be able to eat it. Amrita says he will be happy to cut it. Randhir gets flirtatious with Amrita, they play with the mixing flour of cake. The driver was shy as he comes to inform Randhir that the car is ready. Amrita wonders what he must be thinking. Randhir says he would only be thinking how to love his wife. Both go to change clothes.

Dharam was still upset and discusses with Dadi that he is extremely tensed. Dadi tells him not to think much. Nain Tara and husband were irked to see the driver sitting on their couch. Amrita and Randhir come with the cake and asks Dharam to cut the cake and celebrate. Nain Tara says she is happy to see Dharam back home. Amrita takes Dharam to his room and inquires Randhir about the nurse.
Disha enters the house as a nurse to Dharam. She introduces herself as Disha Singh and has been sent from hospital. Amrita feels she has met her earlier. Disha says she might have spotted her in the hospital. Dharam recognizes the voice and tells Dadi this is the same voice, this is her second daughter. Dadi asks Amrita why she is arranging all this, they don’t need a nurse. She is there to take care of Dharam. Randhir and Amrita convince that Dharam needs a complete medical observation. Amrita tells Disha that this is the patient. Disha says she got whole history of her patient, she came here with whole preparation. Amrita turns around, her dress was tucked with Randhir’s watch. Disha comes to help them. Nain Tara wonders who she is. Her husband says this is Disha Singh. Nain Tara recognizes her as the girl in photos. She goes to make a call.

Gia was shocked to know the girl is there. Nain Tara says her name is Disha. Gia finds someone roll to her feet. It was her security guard. Ansh held another man, and warns the security to move. Ansh warns Gia not to follow Disha, its none of their business why Disha is doing anything. They will have to face him if they stop Disha. Gia says she only wish to know who she is and what she wants. Ansh says Gia has only taken advantage of him, she is selfish, mean and foolish girl. Gia calls Ansh as useless. She is interested in any stranger who comes to her city and got powers. Ansh threatens Gia, turns to Haiwan to beat the security and says he will finish everything which Gia got.
Gia and Chetan were locked inside a room with Govind. He says they won’t leave the room till he gets his Amrita. Gia and Chetan continue to request him open the door. Ansh says they are lucky that he left them alive. He wants them to stay away from Disha. Chetan says he is crazy in love elephant. Govind says they need to do something to this Ansh.

Dharam moves in his bed. Disha at once comes to help him with the pillow and gives him his medicine. Dharam asks her to sit down and asks if she is new to town, or brought up here. Disha says she just got posted in the city. Dharam inquires where she belongs. Disha smiles and says he must take rest. Dharam was interested to know what her parents do. Disha was about to hypnotize when Nisha comes into the room and inquires what she is upto. Disha replies its Vashikaran. Nisha backs up and warns Disha to stay away. She goes calling Randhir and Amrita. Disha follows Nisha outside the room and tries to stop her. Nisha was terrified and runs backwards, calling Randhir and Amrita. Disha spots a vase nearby and rolls it towards her. She falls down, requesting Disha to stay away. Disha silently sits besides Nisha and says she shouldn’t have seen all this. She hypnotizes Nisha now.

At night, Amrita sipped coffee on the balcony while Randhir was searching about Aswadyama. He says there is no recent research about Aswadhyama in modern days. He wonders how he will reach this place, the photograph of his father has been taken. Amrita tells Randhir this is all fantassy, its thousand years old myth only; he needs to be practical and sensible. Randhir plays an image in the air, and says its 2000 years old image of Vishnu ji in a temple in India. About 600 years ago, scientists debated about the shape of earth while this photo of Vishnu ji has a round shape of earth on his nose. This shows science in India was extremely advanced. He doesn’t want to reject this research his father was interested in, Gia and Govind are also interested in this Ashwadyama. They hear Nisha and her father shouting in the hall.

In the hall, Nisha charged at her father with a bat. She insisted there was a fire. Randhir comes to control her and manages to make her unconscious for a while. Her father wasn’t ready to let Randhir experiment on his daughter and insisted him to take Nisha to hospital.

Amrita thinks there is something wrong with Nisha and decides to find out. She goes to Nisha’s room.
Dadi sat with Dharam and wonders what’s wrong with Nisha, she was acting as crazy. Dadi says discussing about his wife is like inviting problems, and now her wife is in the house. Dharam says maybe it’s a dream, or his senses only; he isn’t sure if she is his daughter or not. He requests her not to discuss with anything about it.

Amrita checks Nisha’s cell phone and says her call logs, messages or social media sites doesn’t show any evidence of meeting any new person. She looks around the room. She finds a bracelet and recognizes this was Disha’s bracelet. She wonders what it is doing here. Disha comes to the room from behind. Amrita asks what she is doing here. Disha asks if Amrita won’t even say a Hi to her elder sister. Telling her won’t be any use, as Amrita is about to forget everything. She says she will now get in Amrita’s mind and will cross circuit every memory in her brain. Amrita asks if they brought a fool like her to take care of her father. Disha tells Amrita she hypnotized everyone, from Nisha to the guy in café and the commissioner as well. Now it’s Amrita’s turn.


Haiwan 11th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Randhir comes to Amrita in the kitchen. Amrita slaps Randhir denying him as her husband. She instead recognizes Ansh as her husband and goes hand in hand with him. There, Govind plans to create another monster.


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