Hamari Bahu Silk 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update

Hamari Bahu Silk Written Updates

Hamari Bahu Silk 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamari Bahu Silk 22nd October 2019 Episode Start With All the family members had objections with Naksh’s decision. Naksh convince that this is the only way out to bring Pakhi back. No one trusted Rimjhim though. Mosmi holds Naksh’s hand and says Pa-khi Ho-me? Naksh promises to bring Pakhi back home.

Naksh reaches the address given by Rimjhim. His name had been etched and painted on the walls. There was a bed decorated with flowers. Naksh calls Pakhi and looks around. He finds a photo of himself and Pakhi. He turns around to see Pakhi behind him. Naksh hugs her and asks how she was freed from Rimjhim’s custody. It wasn’t Pakhi but Rimjhim, and utters Naksh Ji. Naksh pushes her away. Rimjhim asks who told him that Pakhi is free. She herself holds Naksh’s hand. She asserts herself over Naksh saying he will forget Pakhi after this night.

There in the godown, Pakhi pushes herself down on the floor.

Naksh turns his face away from Rimjhim. She brings drinks for both of them. She forcefully cheers with his glass; then throws them away disliking its taste.

Pakhi got herself freed as one of the chair handles break. She was about to leave the godown when one of the guards come there. Pakhi had hidden herself and hits the man with a wooden rod at the back of his head. He fell on the floor. Pakhi leaves the hiding.

Outside on streets, Pakhi runs all alone.

Naksh buttons his shirt that Rimjhim had unbuttoned. Rimjhim brings a Sindoor box for Naksh. She says he hasn’t yet filled her hairline, or put on Mangal Sooter. Their wedding rounds were left incomplete, but they can still accomplish it. Naksh denies marrying Rimjhim, as he is already married to Pakhi. Rimjhim never stated this condition. Rimjhim says this condition applies from now, else they will never get Pakhi. Naksh was still confused and speechless when Pakhi comes from behind. She pushes Rimjhim on the bed and hugs Naksh. Naksh was relieved and kiss Pakhi’s forehead. Rimjhim sat on the bed in a state of utter shock. Naksh picks the Mangal Sooter and put it in Pakhi’s neck, and refills her hairline. Pakhi holds Naksh’s hand and says this is love, it can’t be forced. How could Naksh love Rimjhim, she isn’t worth anyone’s hatred. Naksh says its time Rimjhim will be sent to her right place, Jail. He dials the police but Rimjhim takes a revolver and shots a bullet in air. She then holds Pakhi and then Naksh at gun point. Rimjhim asks if Pakhi thought she was insensible, and would come here unarmed.

Naksh warns Rimjhim to throw the pistol. Rimjhim calls her goons inside as well.

Rimjhim hands the gun to Pakhi and says this gun has a single bullet. Pakhi will shoot Naksh, and if there isn’t any bullet then Naksh will take his turn. If they try and act cunning, her men will shoot them both.


Hamari Bahu Silk 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Naksh tells Rimjhim he is ready to do anything but die. He takes the gun and points it towards Pakhi.


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