Hamari Bahu Silk 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update

Hamari Bahu Silk Written Updates

Hamari Bahu Silk 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamari Bahu Silk 23rd August 2019 Episode Start With Rimjhim was in the temple corner and says she had prayed and even fast for Naksh’s participation in the family business. She is thankful to God for the blessing. Baa was cheerful and excited, and says she always wanted a daughter in law like Rimjhim for Naksh. Naksh and Pakhi just returned home. Baa fix his marriage with Rimjhim and forces him to stand besides Rimjhim. She place his hand over her head, and requests him not to say No, she wants to see this. Pakhi goes to a corner and was taken aback, Naksh stood helpless. The entire family was happy while they perform Roka ceremony for Rimjhim and makes Naksh and Rimjhim do the aarti together. Baa was elated. Naksh tries to speak to Baa but Mosmi stuffs the sweet in his mouth then.

Later in the room, Mosmi brings the box of sweet for Pakhi.She throws the box. Mosmi asks if Pakhi isn’t happy with Naksh’s relation. Pakhi says that it seems Mosmi trapped Baa as well. Mosmi accepts, but blackmails Pakhi what she will hide; that she can speak in dual voices, or that she helped them. They are liars alike. Naksh comes to the room and blames Mosmi for first trapping Pakhi, then him and Baa; he won’t always stay silent. Pakhi only lied to save Rimjhim as she thought Rimjhim was dying. When its clear that it is a trap, he wants to clarify he doesn’t love Rimjhim. The game won’t continue for long.
Later in the room, Rimjhim cries that Naksh won’t marry her. She has become a widow before even marrying, and cries breaking her bangles on a wall. Mosmi scolds Rimjhim and clarifies that Naksh is alive right now. Rimjhim’s arm was bleeding; she says neither she loves Naksh nor he loves her, then why worry. Mosmi twisted her arm behind her and tells her to start loving Naksh for the sake of the family money then. Rimjhim repeats that she can’t live without Naksh, but still cries that Naksh won’t marry her.
Naksh assures Pakhi that he will speak to Baa and Baa will have to listen to him this time. He vows to God that Baa will have to respect his feelings, and he will only get engaged to Pakhi. He and Pakhi hold hands.

Baa was in the room sorting the jewelry. She selects jewelry for Mosmi and Rimjhim. Mosmi suggests Baa to ask Naksh once. Baa says Naksh is not sensible enough, Rimjhim was fasting for Naksh. She doesn’t want an argument for the matter. There was a knock at the door. Baa happily allows Naksh inside, then spots Pakhi behind him. Naksh was in a serious mood and says he wants to speak to them. Before he could say anything, Baa raises her hand to stop him. She asks Pakhi if she needs something. Pakhi moves her head. Baa says this is a matter of family, Pakhi must leave. Naksh looks towards Pakhi but she signals him not to argue and leaves. Baa takes Naksh inside the room, and tells Mamta that she doesn’t at all like Pakhi. She has done a lot for the family, but there seems some problem with her; she is a big liar and her lies can never be caught. Pakhi heard this from the hall. Baa asks Naksh what he had to say.

Pakhi was walking towards her room. All at once the corridor lights go off. Pakhi’s face was taped, while she was carried outside. Pakhi screams for help, but it was Naksh and silence her. Naksh tells Pakhi that Baa won’t understand. They must go to a nearby temple and marry by themselves. Pakhi makes Naksh sit and convince him to wait for the right time. Naksh tells Pakhi that Baa cannot always force her decisions. They will go and marry right now. He takes her hand but Pakhi doesn’t move. Naksh asks Pakhi why she is hesitant. Pakhi says she would love to marry him, but they can’t be selfish. Pakhi says Naksh also loved her, but he took all this time because he also thought her to be a liar. Their hidden marriage will turn Baa’s doubts to be true. Love is never selfish. They must reassure Baa of their love. Naksh says Baa has a stone-heart, she never regrets her son leaving home; Baa is an extremely selfish lady.


Hamari Bahu Silk 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Pakhi tells Naksh that the voice he likes has a name, Silk. She uses this voice to dub an actress Natasha.


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