Hamariwali Good News 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Hamariwali Good News 14th July 2021 Episode starts with Meera asking the cook to make food for Mukund before he comes. Devika comes and asks the cook to leave. She says you won’t cook for Mukund, you are my servant, not of Meera, food won’t be prepared here for Tiwaris. Meera asks the cook to leave. She says I will make the food myself. Devika asks will you cook. She goes. Meera tries to knead the flour. Navya comes and smiles seeing her. Devika stops Navya from going to Meera. She says helping enemies is foolishness, don’t forget that Ritvik was attacked by Adi, Adi is staying here because of Meera, who is Meera to you, Akki is her bahu, you aren’t her bahu, Meera is trying to impress Mukund, you lost Bharat to her, she snatched your rights, Bharat is away from you, Meera is responsible for you, I know you want to hug Bharat and play with him, I have an idea, Meera is alone in kitchen, Mukund is at office, it means Bharat is alone, you can play with him, go. Navya thanks Devika. She goes to Bharat.

Akki asks are you okay, what happened. Meera says no, situation is bad, I m not able to knead the flour. Akki laughs. Meera says you are laughing on me. Akki says no, I feel bad for you. Meera says you should feel bad. Akki says sorry and laughs. Meera says you are making fun of me, wait. She throws a glass of water. Akki bends down. Water falls on Mukund. Akki says sorry and goes. Meera says so sorry, why did you come so soon. He says I did mistake to come to see you. She asks him to say why was he finding her. He asks why did you apply the flour to me. She says I was kneading the flour. He says we won’t have rotis, we will have litti choka. She asks how will I make that. He says calm down, I will make it for you. She asks do you know. He says yes, you are invited in the party, come, you just sit and eat it. She says okay. He takes her. He sits cutting the vegs. Meera smiles.

Ritvik and Navya come to dine. He asks where is everyone. Devika says don’t know, maybe they had food before, you start first. Mukund prepares the food. He serves it to Meera. Ritvik asks from where is this good smell coming, something special is prepared, I will go and see. He sees Mukund and Meera. He says you guys are having a party, what’s this dish. Meera says Mukund is making litti choka. Mukund serves him the dish. Ritvik likes it and says its very tasty. Navya waits for Ritvik. She says I will go and see Ritvik. She comes to Ritvik and says we were waiting for you. Mukund says Navya loves litti choka, feed her. Ritvik asks Navya to have it, Mukund made it. Navya says I don’t want. He asks are you sure, fine, I will have it.

Navya eats it. They laugh. Navya says its really tasty. Devika says I will not leave this Meera, everyone will hate her, I will bring her truth out. Mukund says I will tell you how to eat it. He feeds her the food. He asks how is it. Meera says its tasty. Ritvik and Navya laugh. Devika gets some files from the cupboard. Meera says Devika maybe doing something wrong again. She checks the room. She checks a file. A paper falls down. Navya comes to her room. She says Meera ji… Meera turns and hides the file. Navya asks what are you hiding behind. She checks the file. She gets shocked reading the consent agreement. She faints. Meera shouts to Mukund and Ritvik. She asks are you fine. Devika says my plan is successful, now Meera will know. Mukund and Ritvik come and ask what happened. Ritvik says I will call the doctor. Mukund asks what happened to her. Meera sees Navya getting conscious. Devika looks on.

Navya gets angry and cries. Ritvik asks did I make a mistake. Mukund asks her to say. Navya says ask your wife what’s the problem. Meera says Navya read the contract which Ritvik had signed. Navya asks did you know it, I didn’t expect this from you, you didn’t tell me, great, everyone knew it, except me, why did you all do this with me. Mukund says you will always be my daughter, we have hidden this, because we want your betterment. She says lie, everyone cheated me, you have changed. Mukund worries. Navya cries. Meera says we did this for your betterment. Navya says no one had a right to do this, I understand it now why my fertility tests were done, why Ritvik was asked to sign the contract, it won’t happen as you all want, I will never have my own child, Bharat is my child, he gave me a hope to live again, else I would have died when Adi cheated me, I just want Bharat. Meera says Bharat will be yours, don’t take decision in a hurry. Navya asks what’s your intentions, you snatched Bharat, then Mukund and now do you want to snatch Ritvik.

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