Hamariwali Good News 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Hamariwali Good News 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamariwali Good News 19th May 2021 Episode starts with Mukund asking Navya do you like Ritvik. She signs no. He says I had heard what Ritvik told you, I don’t want to come between your happiness. She says don’t say this, maybe I like Ritvik, but I love Bharat and you a lot, I can’t leave you both. She goes. He talks to Renuka’s pic. He says I can read her eyes, she likes Ritvik, is Meera right, did I become selfish, am I coming between Navya’s happiness, no, we had seen a dream to get Navya remarried, I will fulfill this dream, Navya likes someone, I m not able to trust Ritvik, she will break down if she gets cheated again. Meera waits for Ritvik. Devika asks where is Ritvik, he would be with Navya, its dinner time, why didn’t he come. Meera says he will come, sit. They see the staff bringing the cradle and things. Devika asks who got this here.

Ritvik says I got this, when Navya comes here, she will set everything for the baby. Devika says you are forgetting my condition. He says I don’t care, its wrong. Devika says I won’t accept Navya and that baby, my house isn’t a Dharamshala. Meera asks her to have water. Devika gets angry. Meera says I don’t find this wrong, Navya is responsible, sensible, sorted, she is taking care of Mukund as a son, we should be proud of her. Devika pours water on her head. Ritvik worries. Devika scolds Meera. She says I will never accept Navya’s child. Ritvik hugs Meera. She cries.

She says don’t give up, I m with you, we have to convince Devika. He says its not easy, she never tried to understand me, I didn’t understand her. Devika asks Adi to convince Navya, what kind of man is he. Adi says enough, she will accept me back in her life, just wait and watch. She says good. Akki looks on. Its morning, Navya comes to her stall. She sees Love you Navya banner. She says I will not leave Ritvik. Adi comes there and says Jaan. She asks why did you come here. He says I have come to apologize, give me a chance, I want to live with you, our baby and dad, I will not hurt you, I promise. She cries.

Ritvik sets the room for Navya and baby. Meera comes and likes it. Akki comes crying. Meera asks what’s the matter, tell me. Akki says I know you don’t trust me, I tried, but mom isn’t understanding, you guys have to help me, I love Adi, we were together since many months, we were getting married, Sumitra trapped Adi in her plan, everything changed, mom asked Adi to patch up with Navya, else she will send him back to jail, mom and Adi made a plan to get Navya back in his life, he went to meet Navya. Meera says we will go to Navya’s stall, Adi would have gone there. Meera and Ritvik leave. Navya asks Adi to get lost. Adi asks the people to help him. The people ask Navya to forgive Adi.

Meera says Adi went to meet Navya. Mukund asks what, I will not let Adi do anything. Adi asks is there any other matter. He tells the people about Navya and Ritvik’s affair. He says I stayed silent when she roamed with him, I cared for her respect, but she didn’t think of me and my family. The people scold Navya. They throw stones at Navya in anger. Mukund, Meera and Ritvik come and save Navya. Adi scolds Ritvik and beats him. Adi asks who is she for you. Ritvik says she is my would be wife. Navya slaps Ritvik and scolds him. Ritvik says you wanted Mukund and Bharat to live with us, I have solved this problem, why are you punishing me. Adi asks him not to interfere in their family matters. He asks Ritvik to get lost. Meera stops Adi.


Hamariwali Good News 20th May 2021 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mukund asks Devika for Ritvik’s alliance for Navya. Devika says I will not tolerate her child. Ritvik says I love Navya. He cuts his wrist. They get shocked.


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