Hamariwali Good News 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Hamariwali Good News 1st July 2021 Episode starts with Mukund asking Meera to leave. She smiles. He says I won’t come in your words, you are smiling, just go from here. She says I will see Bharat, he is crying. He says its my work to console him. She sits outside the door. He goes to console Bharat. She asks him to open the door. She cries. She sings a lullaby for Bharat. Mukund hears some women protesting. He goes to check. Meera says these women won’t go until I get my rights. She asks her not to do a drama and go. Meera says you are forgetting that I also run a NGO. She tells the ladies about their little fights, he had ousted her for little issues, where would she go now. The ladies ask him to take his wife inside the house. Mukund says she is fooling you all, I request you all to take her away.

The ladies scold him. Meera gets inside the house and smiles. She thanks the ladies. She acts. Mukund looks at her. The ladies leave. Mukund stops Meera and says you can’t go to Bharat, even if you stay here, you will stay away from me also, you can never become a part of this family. Meera says I m your wife, how will you stop me from coming here, you said I can’t come in your life, I have come in your life, I refused to give Bharat to Ritvik and Navya, I have done everything for Navya’s happiness, you didn’t think why I did this. He says you are selfish. She says you are wrong, this is not the truth. He asks her to say the truth.

She says Ritvik signed a contract with Devika, you know what’s written in that. She tells him everything. He says you did this intentionally, you can’t tolerate Navya’s happiness, why shall Navya bear the punishment, you did wrong and made Bharat away from Navya, I will never forgive you. Meera says if Navya knew that Bharat’s future is in risk, then she would never have her own child, I did this for Bharat’s rights, I don’t want Bharat and Navya to face any problem, Devika played this move knowing Navya can conceive. He says enough, I understood everything, I made a big mistake to get Ritvik and Navya married, he signed the contract without asking her, how dare Devika does this. He gets an attack. She tries to hold him. He says we are not beggars, we have a big house in Agra, a shop also, we have respect, Bharat isn’t a beggar’s son, he is my son, I can’t separate Navya and Bharat, Renuka gave him birth just for Navya’s sake, I will tell the truth to Navya. He falls down. She gets shocked. Its her imagination.

She takes Ritvik’s call. She says take Navya to the doctor, don’t tell her, I want her to enjoy her life. He says you think of everyone, tell the truth to Mukund, I m sure he will understand. She says no, we can’t tell him, he will get angry and tell Navya, this can make Navya against you, don’t worry for me, I have come to Mukund’s house, very soon, I will make a place in Mukund’s heart and life, are you taking care of Navya. Ritvik says yes, she is angry with me. Navya hears him. She says maybe Meera is acting to show Mukund, he won’t accept a selfish woman like her. She curses Meera. Ritvik scolds Navya. Meera hears them.

Navya asks what did she do for me. He says I will tell you. Meera says you won’t tell her anything. She calls him. She says you promised me, you won’t say anything. Ritvik says Meera also has a right on Bharat, she married Mukund to save Bharat from going to wrong hands. Navya says I know, she did this to trap Mukund. Meera says Navya shouldn’t know this, else she can’t focus on her future, I want her to start her new life with a calm mind. Mukund ignores Meera. He talks to Bharat. Meera goes to make a paratha.

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