Hamariwali Good News 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Hamariwali Good News 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamariwali Good News 22nd May 2021 Episode starts with Ritvik and Navya getting married. They smile. Din shagna da….plays… Mukund thinks I can feel you here Renuka, you are here with us. He does the kanyadaan and ties gathbandhan. Ritvik and Navya take the rounds. Devika throws thorns in the path. Navya gets hurt. Devika smiles. Ritvik takes care of Navya. He removes the thorn. The gathbandhan catches fire. Meera sees the fire. Meera and Mukund rush. Navya removes the gathbandhan with Meera’s help. Navya asks are you fine. Mukund also asks the same. Meera sees Devika. She says I m fine, complete the rounds. Navya can’t walk. Ritvik lifts her and walks. Navya looks at him. Aashiyaana…plays… Meera smiles. Ritvik fills sindoor in Navya’s maang. Adi comes and shouts stop. Devika thinks this fool has come now, when everything is over. Ritvik makes Navya wear mangalsutra. Akki asks where were you till now. Adi gets angry. Pandit says wedding is completed, you can take blessings. Mukund says Navya got married, you can have food and go. Adi laughs and says congrats, Navya got married, she has no right on the baby, I get the custody now. Navya asks what nonsense. Adi says I m saying the truth.

He asks Mukund to give Bharat. Meera and Navya come in front. Mr. Sharma says Adi and Navya were given this baby, when Navya got remarried, she has no legal right on the baby, Adi will get the custody of the baby, you can’t do anything now. Devika thinks Adi did a good thing. Navya says no one can take baby from Mukund. Mr. Sharma says check doctor’s reports, his mental health isn’t fine. Adi asks for the baby. Navya says you will never get Bharat, you are doing this for property, you don’t love him. Adi says me and my wife will take care of the baby, I will get custody. Akki says yes, he is right. Mukund shouts no, I won’t give my baby to anyone. Mr. Sharma says I have to call the police here if you don’t give the baby. Adi scolds Mukund and snatches the baby from him. Mukund and Navya get shocked. Mukund sits in shock. Bharat cries. Navya says I hate you Adi, I didn’t know you will fall so low, I don’t accept this marriage, its a big mistake. She cries. Ritvik asks what are you saying. Pandit says you can’t break the marriage now. Navya wipes her sindoor. Meera and Ritvik get shocked. Navya breaks the mangalsutra.

Navya says I just want my Bharat, I don’t accept this marriage. She scolds Ritvik. Meera says no one will snatch your son. Navya says its happening because of you, these people will kill all of us. Adi says stop the drama. He asks Akki to come with him. Meera says enough of this nonsense, this baby isn’t a toy to play with his emotions. Devika says you don’t interfere in their matter. Adi asks Meera who are you to say in between, I have a right on this baby. Meera says just Mukund is the father of this baby. Adi says by law, its my baby, none can stop me. He stumbles by the carpet. He leaves Bharat. Meera catches Bharat. Adi falls down. Meera sees Mukund in shock. Adi shouts Meera ji, give Bharat to me. Meera holds Mukund’s hand. She asks pandit to chant mantras for the pheras. Everyone gets shocked. Meera and Mukund take the rounds. Ritvik smiles. Pandit says pheras completed, fill sindoor in maang. Meera asks Mukund to fill sindoor. Mukund looks at her.


Hamariwali Good News 10th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Meera says now no one can snatch Bharat from Mukund, now he has a wife with him. Adi says you got remarried so soon, it means you were waiting for mum’s death. Navya slaps Adi.


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