Hamariwali Good News 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Hamariwali Good News 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamariwali Good News 26th October 2020  Episode starts with Adi coming to meet Navya. He holds her hand and cries. She gets conscious and says I m fine, ask the doctor if everything is fine. Doctor says you are fine, you are lucky. Navya smiles. Preeti says I will tell mum about Navya. She calls Renuka and says I took Navya to the hospital. Renuka says its good you went with her. Preeti says Navya got hurt because of Yash. Renuka asks what. Preeti says call Adi and ask. Sumitra asks Renuka to just go home. Renuka says trust me, Navya is pregnant, you ask her directly, she went to the doctor, she was hurt. Renuka calls Adi. Adi says I m busy. Doctor asks Navya to take antibiotics. Navya says no, actually I m pregnant. Adi hears this and smiles. Renuka also hears this on call and smiles.

Renuka asks did you hear the good news. She asks Adi to make her talk to Navya. Navya says I had an appointment with gynac today. Doctor says congrats, I can do the test and confirm it. Renuka says its good news, so I got these sweets, I wanted Navya to give this good news to you. Sumitra says you called her so late. She smiles. Renuka says break your hunger strike now. Sumitra says I knew good news will come if I push her, good news have come because of me. Renuka says my bhabhut did the work, she is getting the credit. Doctor does the tests and checks reports. Adi and Navya smile. Doctor says sorry, there is no good news according to reports. Adi says we are preparing since before, maybe next time. Doctor says her pregnancy will have complications, her fallopian tubes are blocked, she can never conceive, she can never become a mother. Adi and Navya get shocked. The lights go. Doctor goes to get the generator on. Navya cries. Adi hugs her. Wo jo tha….plays…. They cry. They leave. Navya tries to be normal. Adi sees her talking a lot. She thinks something happened to Navya.

Sumitra says Navya is selfish, I have pushed her to give good news, ego is like enemy. The kids play on the road. Mukund scolds the boy. The old lady comes and argues with Mukund. The lady says you have no grandchild. Mukund gets sad. Sumitra calls Mukund. Mukund takes the call. She asks him to get samosas, she will be coming. He asks are you coming. She says yes, you are going to become Dadi, Renuka got the good news with Malpua, but I will break the fast by eating sweets by your hands. He smiles and says just come. He says Navya gave the good news. Navya and Adi meet her mum. Navya says I just wanted to have pizza. Her mum looks on and asks what happened, she is behaving strange. Navya asks Adi to cut the vegs. Adi and Navya make the pizza. Kusum hugs Renuka and says you are becoming a Dadi, I know you went to give good news to Sumitra, I know it. Renuka asks did Sumitra tell you. Renuka says I didn’t talk to Navya. She goes home. Kusum says she didn’t talk to Navya and I told everyone. Renuka comes home and sees the things. Mukund says make Gulab jamun for Jiji, she will break her fast here. Renuka says he doesn’t worry about my fast.

Preeti says you didn’t give good news to me, Sumitra told me, Adi isn’t answering calls. Renuka says I will do Navya’s aarti, she is giving me good news. She makes aarti plate ready. She says a child will play in the house. She asks Preeti to call Adi. Preeti calls Adi. Adi says Navya wanted to meet her mum, so we came here. Renuka says it happens, girls like to meet mums at such times. Navya asks her mum to come and have pizza. Renuka says let her eat anything she wants, come home soon, take care of her. Renuka says Navya wants to eat different things. The neighbor ladies come to congratulate Renuka. Renuka asks them not to tell anything wrong about her bahu. The ladies say congrats, good news have come today, where is Navya. Preeti says I will get sweets for you all. Navya’s mum looks at her. She asks Navya what’s the matter. Navya says nothing. Adi looks on.

Kusum says Renuka made gulab jamun today and will make gudd laddoos now. Renuka talks to the ladies. Navya’s mum asks Adi. Adi says Navya and I decided…. Navya asks him to come, cab has come. Adi says I will call you. Navya’s mum says she will tell me whenever she wants, take care. They leave. Sumitra comes home. Mukund takes aarti plate for Jiji. He does her aarti. Sumitra smiles. She says I got ghee sweets for Navya. They all dance. The ladies sing. Adi and Navya come home. They get shocked. Renuka smiles seeing Navya.


Hamariwali Good News 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi shouts on Navya and slaps her. He says doctor has told us that we can never become parents, you aren’t pregnant. Renuka gets shocked hearing this.


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