Hamariwali Good News 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Hamariwali Good News 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamariwali Good News 3rd July 2021 Episode starts with Mukund saying how can anyone make such a contract, we will go and talk to Ritvik, you tell the truth to Navya. Adi comes to Akki and hugs. Akki gets angry and says Navya can conceive, she can give a heir to Parmar family. Adi says no, how can this happen. She says it can happen, mom went on Navya’s side. He says stop the nonsense, Navya can’t conceive. Akki says its true, I have seen mom showering love on Navya. He says this can’t happen.

Akki says Ritvik and Navya are husband and wife. He says just our child will become the heir. Meera asks Mukund not to take a decision in hurry, Navya will be upset with Ritvik knowing this. He says she will be more upset if she knows it later. Meera says maybe Navya sacrifices her happiness, we should stay silent and make a sacrifice. He calms down. Navya promises Devika. She says you will never get insulted because of me. Devika blesses her.

Ritvik hugs Navya. He gifts her a dress and asks her to wear it. She wears the dress and a mask. Meera talks to Ritvik. She says I will find a solution for the contract, take care of Navya. He says thanks for choosing the dress, Navya will look beautiful, you want to see her, hang on. Adi comes to Navya and hugs her. Navya says Ritvik, anyone will come. She says this mask is stuck, I can’t see anything, remove this mask. Ritvik comes there and gets shocked seeing Adi close to her.

He shouts Adi. Navya and Meera get shocked. Navya asks what, Adi, get away from me. She removes the mask. Adi laughs. Navya goes behind Ritvik. Ritvik goes to beat Adi. Adi says Navya called me here. Ritvik asks how dare you touch Navya. Meera asks what’s happening there. Mukund comes and asks what happened. Navya asks Ritvik to leave Adi. Devika and Akki come. Meera asks Ritvik to stop it. Devika looks on.

She keeps the phone right to show the video. Akki asks what did Adi do. Ritvik leaves Adi. He asks Akki to ask Adi. Akki asks what were you doing here. Adi says Navya called me here. Navya says he is lying. Adi says you called me to open the stuck mask. Navya says yes but I thought its Ritvik. Ritvik says I know you well, it was Adi’s conspiracy. Adi says don’t come in Navya’s words, how can this happen that she couldn’t feel my touch.

Mukund gets angry. Navya cries. Akki says Navya should be ashamed. Mukund asks Adi to shut up. He asks Ritvik to beat Adi. Meera stops Ritvik. Adi says don’t come in Navya’s words, she is playing a bad game with us, she can’t control when I m close to her, a woman can’t forget her first love, I was her first love and husband also. Navya asks him to shut up. She goes. Ritvik goes after her. Akki takes Adi. Mukund says I will not leave Adi. Meera says we should wait for Ritvik’s call. Devika calls Meera. She scolds her and Mukund. She says you taught this to your son, if Adi was my son and did this, then I would have not spared him, what did you do for Navya, Adi tried to get his hands on Navya, answer me. Mukund says I will end this problem, Adi shouldn’t go out of the house. Meera stops him. He says I agree with Devika. Meera says taking a life isn’t a solution, we have to end the crime, not the criminal, think well and decide. Mukund says I won’t leave Adi. He locks the door. She calls him out. He says matter is getting complicated, I wll solve it, you won’t interfere.


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