Hamariwali Good News 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Hamariwali Good News 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamariwali Good News 4th June 2021 Episode starts with Adi threatening Navya. Meera takes the speaker and keeps it in Akki’s room. Akki comes from the bathroom. She hears Navya and Adi’s conversation. She finds the speaker. Navya scolds Adi. She says I feel ashamed that I was you wife, I m glad that I wasn’t pregnant, poor Akki, you should be with her now. Adi follows Navya. Mukund comes to Meera and sees her spying on Akki. He asks what’s happening. Meera stops him. Adi says I came to apologize to you Navya, you are just pretending, nothing else, what will you get.

He says whatever we had, its past, truth is, I m going to marry Akki, don’t get after me, don’t come after me, I love Akki a lot. He goes. Navya thinks he heard Mukund and started this drama, this idea flopped. Mukund says leave me, tell me, what were you doing outside Akki’s room. Meera stops him and says I had made a good plan, Akki would have seen Adi’s truth, I would have broken their marriage, you came there and shouted, you are a mad bull. Navya sees Ritvik there. He gets upset and leaves in the car. Mukund and Meera argue. He goes. She thinks to find some other way to make Adi away.

Meera says I have to defeat the enemy as the enemy. Adi asks Devika to pay him money and just send him away. Meera records the video. She says I knew Devika will react. She recalls asking Devika to let her buy jewellery for Akki. Devika says I will decide her marriage. Meera says Adi and Akki love each other. Devika says I didn’t decide on their marriage, Adi is a shopkeeper’s son, I will kick him out. Adi hears this and cries. He says I lost everything, Renuka left and then Navya also, Bua is also in jail, if Devika makes Akki against me, then what will I do. Meera comes there. She asks Adi to elope with Akki and marry her, Devika isn’t thinking to get them married. She says you have no option, Akki is pregnant, Devika will stay angry for some time and then agree, you can get your love Akki, what else do you want. FB ends.

Meera sees Devika signing the cheque. She says Adi just loves money, he is a cheat. Devika says I m ready to give you 10 crores. Adi says I will be leaving from Akki’s life. Devika says I m paying this to you to make Mukund away from Meera. Meera gets shocked. Adi asks what do you want to do. Devika says yes, I want to make him out of Meera’s life, its first time that she didn’t listen to me. Adi asks why will Meera listen to you. Devika says Mukund will get fed up by Meera and find excuses to leave this house, she isn’t made for marriage, we have to make Mukund and Navya leave this house, you will do this work, when Mukund takes Bharat, Navya will run after him, I know my son, he is habitual to comforts, he will come back home, just break Mukund and Meera’s marriage, I m ready to give you 20 crores. Meera cries. She goes out and sits on the bench. It starts raining. She cries a lot.

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