Hamariwali Good News 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Hamariwali Good News 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamariwali Good News 4th May 2021 Episode starts with Meera saying we will have dinner together. Devika says we can’t have dinner today, I have dinner plan with my clients. Navya serves dinner to Mukund. He says our lives would have fallen in risk because of us, say something, scold me, why are you behaving like everything is fine. Navya says you aren’t at fault, if anyone saw Meera, they would feel the same. Meera thinks of Mukund. Ritvik asks where are you lost, you look tensed, Didi isn’t at home, chill. Meera says I have met a girl at the NGO, her words had shaken me up, she made me think, I felt that I understand life well, I feel I don’t know. He says strange, a similar incident happened with me, I met a girl who challenged my beliefs. She asks did you see two identical people, not twins or related, just same face. Navya consoles Mukund.

She says Meera isn’t Renuka, nine people have similar face in the world. Mukund says no, I don’t agree, maybe Renuka lost her memory, or some other reason that she is behaving such. She says I know what you are going through. Navya says she isn’t Renuka, I read everything about her on the internet, if she was Renuka, then she would have not risked our lives like this, her nature doesn’t match Renuka, just face matches. Ritvik says no, why are you asking this. Meera says just like that, I met someone else, that person is amazing, we are selfish that we don’t live alive people, that man loves his wife a lot, that he isn’t able to believe that she is dead, he is living and waiting for her, how can anyone love someone so much, and his bahu is handling everything, she understands him, she explains him, I got to know today that relations have a strong string, it depends on a feeling, how can someone keep a relation, amazing, right. Ritvik says no. She doesn’t eat the dinner. Ritvik asks shall we go and have icecream, we will go, come. Meera says no, I have to wake up early, it was a tough day today. He says yes, your Didi has come back now, I have to sleep early and wake up at 5, goodnight. He goes. Navya says promise me, that you won’t do anything that puts us in risk, you both are my responsibility, what will I answer Renuka if anything happens to you and Bharat, our fate can’t be good all the time. Mukund promises.

Its morning, Ritvik comes to the stall. He says you got late today, tell me what to do. She asks him to set up fruits and vegetables, wash the mixer to make fresh juice. He does it. She gets many orders. She says they aren’t my usual customers, its online orders, I didn’t register. He says I registered, see I m so lucky for you, you got the orders, its good, you have to fulfill it.
Meera looks for Mukund’s house. She hears Bharat crying. Mukund goes to take milk. Meera takes Bharat and consoles. She gets shocked seeing Renuka’s pic. Mukund comes. He says I knew you can stay without me, but you can’t stay without Bharat. Dil kyun ye mera….plays… He says I won’t ask you anything, trust me, old Mukund has died, you are behaving like this, I know it, I can understand, I won’t ask anything, I miss you. She says Mukund ji… He says Tiwari ji was sweet, but Mukund ji is also fine.

Hamariwali Good News 5th May 2021 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Navya sends Ritvik home. Mukund goes to get coffee. Ritvik goes to Navya’s house and sees Meera.


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