Hamariwali Good News 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Hamariwali Good News 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Hamariwali Good News 5th July 2021 Episode starts with Meera calling Akki and saying Adi isn’t a right man, how long will you cover up his mistakes, you are a smart and independent girl, you know that I got you married to Adi because if your suicide attempt, whatever is happening now isn’t right, he had left you once. Akki asks Adi did you come here to meet Navya, you can’t tolerate that Navya and Ritvik can have their own child. Adi says you don’t trust me, fine, its useless that I had come here, you won’t blame me now, good bye. Mukund comes there and says today you will know who is the father. Adi says I don’t want to talk, get away. Mukund scolds him and beats him with the belt. He asks how dare you touch Navya. Devika thinks I knew it, he will come.

Akki asks Mukund to stop. Mukund says I won’t leave him today. She calls Meera and says Mukund came here, he is beating Adi, come and save Adi. Meera says I m coming. She knocks the door. She asks someone to help. Akki asks Meera to stop, don’t beat Adi. Adi asks will you kill me. Mukund says I will clean your blood today. Ritvik and Navya come. Akki begs Mukund. He says you won’t apologize, Adi will apologize to Navya. Meera takes Bharat and leaves from the house. Adi stops Mukund. He says I won’t apologize. Akki asks Mukund to stop. She makes a video call to Meera. Meera asks Devika to stop Mukund. Devika asks what shall I do, this had to happen. Mukund gets tired beating Adi.

Navya cries. Adi says you want to change the truth, but truth won’t change so soon, truth is, Navya loves me a lot even today, she changed her word to save her marriage. Ritvik hits him. Adi laughs. They fight. Adi says I will kill you. Mukund asks Adi to leave Ritvik. Adi falls down the terrace. Everyone shouts Adi. Adi gets electrocuted. Meera comes with Bharat. She gets shocked seeing Adi falling down. Everyone runs down. Akki says you killed Adi. Devika says I can’t believe this, Mukund killed his son. Meera asks Ritvik to call the ambulance. Navya cries and says Mukund won’t go to jail, nothing will happen to Adi. Ritvik and Navya try to take Adi to hospital.

Devika says I have the car keys, you both won’t go to hospital. Navya asks what. Devika says if you cross the house, then I will think you have a soft corner for Adi. Ritvik says Adi is dying, you are saying this. Devika says look at her, you should be with Navya in this condition, she shouldn’t get stress. She asks Meera to say, should they go to hospital, Adi did wrong with them. Meera says she is right, stay here if you want to help me, give me the keys. Devika says I have the keys, come with me. Meera takes the keys from her. Devika says Adi is your and Mukund’s responsibiity. Meera scolds her.

Devika says I m not related to Tiwari family. Meera says I do have a right on the family, if I ask for my rights, then you won’t get anything left, just give me the keys. She leaves. Meera, Mukund and Akki take Adi to the hospital. Mukund asks doctor will Adi get saved. Doctor says he got harmed by electricity wires, he survived, but few hours are critical, recovery chances are less. Akki cries. Meera says he will be fine. She calls Ritvik and tells him. Ritvik says Navya is sleeping, she was worried for Mukund. Navya recalls everything and wakes up. Ritvik runs to her. He gives her water. She says Adi is critical. She says I can’t forget what Adi did, why is a woman blamed always. Ritvik asks her to forget whatever happened, stop blaming herself. Devika calls the nurse and asks how is Adi. Nurse says his condition is bad, I think he can’t survive till the night. Devika says fine, if Adi died, then Akki’s life will get saved, my secrets will be secrets forever. Mukund goes to pray for Adi.

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