Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th August 2022 Episode starts with the Media coming to Happu’s house and says you was not known even to Dog. Happu says you are wrong, dog used to know me. He says he came from other planet, and set up his family here. Nargis Mausi asks Amma why she didn’t tell that Happu is not her son.

Amma asks her to think that Happu is Happuman. Happu gets up and shakes himself. He says he wants to charge up himself. The reporter asks if he can fly or jump down the mountain infront of them.

The reporter asks Beni if he was aware. Beni says he thought that that he is an ordinary, but when he came to know that he is Happuman, he got very happy. The reporter asks Rajjo what is the advantages of Happu man. Rajjo says he is my husband in the night and says he snores much.

Chamchi says our Papa was famous before for taking bribes, but now famous for his super powers. Hritik says now our Papa will not let us cheat. Ranbir says he will launch a song. Kat and Malaika praise him. Happu says it is enough. Vimlesh says Jiju has no arrogance. Amma tells that she is happy that her son is Happu man.

Chamchi says I can’t believe that my Papa is a superman. Happu says his battery is low and he has much work in the evening. Dada ji asks Amma why Happu is saying this. Amma says she is feeling pain. Happu comes there and is about to sit. Amma says don’t sit there, my husband is sitting here.

Happu says my dokar. Amma tells that Nargis taunted her. Rajjo asks her to calm down. Happu says he has to do drama infront of media, else he will lose the job. Rajjo says it is matter of few days and asks her to calm down. Amma says you made me stranger, don’t know if I will get sleep or not. Happu says I will get English wine for you.

Beni and Happu talk about Happu man. Beni says everyone is thinking how you became Happu man. Happu says I have so much talent, but doesn’t show to others. Vimlesh asks Happu to taste pakodas and say. She says now you are famous and can do any work. She asks him to threaten lootiya pahelwan. Happu assures her.

Rajjo says I want to tell you something. Happu says no, and says Amma scolded him. Rajjo says you will get worried with what I say, but don’t be worried. She says I love someone else, and my heart is not in my control seeing him, and wants to take him in my embrace, and I don’t want to do any work.

Happu asks her to stop acting. Rajjo swears on him and says I am in love. She keeps her head on his lap and says whenever he comes, it seems music is played. He says I want to hold him. Happu asks who is he? Rajjo says he is Happu man. Happu says you took my life in 2 mins and asks her not to joke, else he will get attack.

Rajjo says how can I love someone else, I have just you in my life since 20 years. She asks him to wear the costume and come. Happu comes to room wearing Happu man costume. He dances. Rajjo also dances with him. Tirji topi wale plays….They dance and sleep.

Ranbir, Hritik and Chamchi are in the School. The girls come there and sit with Chamchi. Hritik and Ranbir act as if they are super boys, they are Happuman’s children and has super powers. Chamchi says she will jump off from the water tanker to see her powers. Happu comes to Lootiya Pahelwan and asks him to return his friend’s land else he will bury him there.

Hritik and Ranbir bring Chamchi back. They tell her that she will get specific powers on certain day, next month. Chamchi believes them. The friends leave. Chamchi asks why didn’t you tell me. Hritik says Papa asked us not to say.

Happu gets scared seeing lootiya pahelwan taking off the gun, and says he don’t want anything. Lootiya pahelwan asks him to make his friend understand.

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