Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th October 2020 Episode starts with Resham Pal coming to Happu. Happu tells that he has solved the case and came to know that his brother in law wanted to murder him. Resham Pal tells that it was his test as people were complaining that Happu Singh behaved brutally with criminals and have crossed humanity limits. Happu says it is not like that. Resham Pal says that’s why he took his test and took Girdhaari/Ragga’s help and calls him, but he doesn’t come. Resham Pal appreciates Happu. Happu thinks my values bridge is flowed. Manohar says it is broken. Amma sings and drinks wine. Rajjo brings kada and gives to Amma. Amma refuses to drink it. Rajjo says I will bring medicine for you. Amma says you don’t feel bad hearing my taunts. Rajjo says she is her bahu and says you are like coconut. Amma says you are calling me coconut. Rajjo says you are like my mummy and that’s why I come to you. Amma says I scold you. Rajjo says your love is hidden in your scolding. Amma hugs and kisses her. Happu comes there and says it seems like mother and daughter are sitting together. Amma slaps him and says they are mother and daughter only. She says you are the pillar on which the house is standing. Happu shows the imported wine which he brought for her. Amma kisses him. Jeweler comes there and says even this kamar band is fake. Rajjo says sorry and says next time, she will check and give it. Rajjo says this kamar band was given in the marriage, Amma. Amma and Rajjo look at each other upset. Happu thinks things have become messy.

Next morning, Happu gets a call from Resham Pal, asking him to sleep. Happu tells that he is coming. He asks Rajjo why he didn’t wake him up. Rajjo says she tried to wake him up many times. She asks him to take him to market to buy saree. Happu tells that he is getting late to go to PS. Kids come there and sit on the bed. Chamchi asks for 200 Rs. Ranbir says we have to recharge the mobile to attend the online class. Happu asks Rajjo to give money. Rajjo refuses to go. Happu asks kids to go out. Ranbir says we will not go. Rajjo and happu argue. Malaika asks why mummy and papa are fighting. Rajjo says it is not in his hands. Happu says you are saying as if I never bought anything for you. He tells that he will go to his duty. Ranbir asks for 200 Rs. Kat says father…Rajjo asks them to go and do their work. She asks Ranbir to go with Chamchi. Later, Chamchi tells Happu that his phone is ringing and gives phone to him. Manohar is on call and asks why you have not reached PS. Happu asks are you my Amma? He ends the call. Kat comes there. Happu tells that he is in hurry. Rajjo asks Ranbir and Malaika to go and talk to Papa. Malaika tries to make Rajjo understand.

Chamchi and Kat are trying to make Happu understand. Happu asks them to go and explain to Rajjo. Kat says what if she asked a saree form you and says if you had said yes and go to PS, then you wouldn’t have been late. Rajjo says he scolded me. Malaika says we will ask Bapu to get you a new saree. Rajjo asks her not to defend her Papa. Happu gets a call again. He says he left from home and is near the PS, but the phone slips on the omelette. He tries to get his phone and burns his hand. Kat and Chamchi come to Rajjo and tell that father’s hand burnt and he is in pain. Malaika says you have decided not to work, so…Ranbir says Papa is not habitual to work. Chamchi says Papa refused to get saree for you. Rajjo cries and tells that she did a mistake by asking saree. Happu comes there. Rajjo sees his hand and blows on his finger. Kids smile. Happu apologizes and tells that I refused to fulfill my promise and that’s why punished. He asks her to come and buy saree. She says no and says sorry.

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