Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th June 2022 Episode starts with Rajjo calling Happu and asks him to come home, so that they can have unlimited joy.

Happu gets irritated with her romantic talks. Rajjo says I feel more love for you when you get irritated and I want to kiss you. Happu says I am in tension, I can’t say what is going on in my life. Rajjo continues talking romantically. Happu says he don’t want to romance and ends the call.

Bimlesh asks if her magic haven’t worked. Rajjo says she will bowl him over with her charm. Happu comes out of the PS while talking. A goon throws knife at him. Manohar comes and takes knife on his shoulder. The knife falls down.

Happu asks Manohar why did he risk his life for him. Manohar says if I haven’t come inbetween then the knife must have pierced in your stomach. He says I saved you as I love you very much Sir.

Happu gets irritated. Manohar says I might badmouth about you to Commissioner, but I respect and love you. Happu says you are very cheap man and asks Pan shop guy to take Manohar to hospital. He asks him to come to PS if he is fine else come tomorrow.

Manohar thinks he has expressed his love for him, but he was arrogant. Happu feels guilty and thinks he can’t give love inexchange of love, else he will die. He has to make everyone hate him.

Happu comes home and is welcomed by Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi. They throw flower petals on him. Happu asks what is it? Hritik says it is our love and respect which is coming out today. Happu asks them not to hang the garland on their photo frame. Chamchi asks why are you saying this?

Hritik apologizes to him and says we didn’t value you before. Ranbir also apologizes. Happu thinks how to tell them that he is liking whatever they did, but can’t say. He asks them to go and not to trouble him.

Hritik says I know why Papa is angry. He says you should have got sanskari kids, but rakshas kids are born. Happu says now the kids can’t be exchanged. Ranbir says we will mend our ways and will be better. Hritik says we are telling you late, but we love you a lot. They hug him. Happu asks them to move back and go inside. They say we love you and go inside.

Amma calls Happu. Happu says I am coming. He comes inside. Amma kisses on his cheeks. Happu is shocked. Amma says it is from your father’s side. Happu says father is right, I am useless. Dada ji asks her to kiss him again.

Amma kisses him again and says your father is feeling bad that he didn’t love you much in your childhood. Happu says it is good. Dada ji asks her to kiss on his forehead too. Amma kisses him again and asks him not to think that his father don’t love him, and says he love you so much.

Happu thinks of Tantrik’s words and says he don’t want his father’s fake love. Dada ji says he is very apologetic. Happu says he don’t want showoff love from them and goes. Dada ji says Happu has such thoughts about me and gets sad.

Rajjo sings song. Happu comes there and thinks Rajjo didn’t have peace even after 9 kids. He sees Rajjo throwing flower petals on the bed and asks what happened? Rajjo says today is muh dikhayi rasam. Happu says you didn’t know what happened in the PS today. He says manohar took knife on his shoulder today and then Resham Pal.

He says he is feeling very tired. Rajjo asks him to peep inside her eyes. Happu says I don’t want to see. Rajjo says I know your weakness. Happu says I know. He asks her to open the light. She switches on the lights. Rajjo switches on the lights and closes the door. She gives him wine bottle and gets romantic.

Bimesh asks Beni if he met Baba, what did he say? Beni asks her not to ask him anything. He imagines Happu’s photo with garland and cries. He says how to tell you, and says Happu is my childhood friend.

Bimlesh asks if you have a fight with him. Beni says what is the use and says everything is over. Bimlesh asks what is over, friendship or wine. Beni says he will have friendship with him till his last breath. Bimlesh asks if the wine is over.

Beni cries imagining Happu’s photo frames on the wall with the garlands. Bimlesh says I have an idea, we shall drink together. Beni imagines his photo again and sprinkles wine on it and cries. Bimlesh is shocked with his behavior.

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