Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th September 2020 Episode starts with Malaika and Kat doing the house work. Amma calls Happu. Chamchi asks Hritik to throw an easy ball and says she will hit on Dadi’s head. Hritik says ok and throws the ball. Chamchi hits ball on Beni’s head. Beni says you hit me again. Amma calls Happu and tells that she will get him married. Malaika says he is not matured till now. Amma says he is 19 years old and says he will have 12 kids by next year. Happu is shocked. She calls Sultana and asks them to exchange rings. Happu tells that she shall take out mahurat. Amma tells that if she waits for mahurat then he will elope with Servant. Happu says make me talk to her first and asks about her age. The girl says she is 18 years old. Kat tells Happu that she is younger than me. Malaika asks Happu to do something. Rajjo gets shocked seeing this. Amma asks Happu to make her wear ring. Chamchi, Hritik and Beni pretend to sneeze. Happu tells that he will not make her wear ring now as inauspicious thing happened. Amma tells that naukrani and her kids are doing this intentionally. She makes them exchange rings and plays dhol. Rajjo and kids cry. Sultana dances with Happu while the song mere haaton mein naw naw chudiya plays…..Rajjo tells Happu that his Amma is planning to bring her sautan. Happu asks her to relax. Beni tells that Rajjo is just scolding you by words and says if Vimlesh would have been on my place then she would have shot me. Happu says you are giving her ideas. Rajjo says she wants to shoot Sultan. Happu asks her not to worry. Rajjo says if you get married to Sultana. Beni says many men have two wives. Happu hugs Rajjo to pacify her.

Amma waits for her husband and thinks she has to get Happu married. Amma sees them together in Beni’s house and shouts calling Happu. Beni says she saw you both. Happu runs to Amma. Amma beats him and scolds him for romancing with Servant. She tells that she will not wait for his father to come, and will get him married in 2 days, and will kick out the Servant from the city. Beni asks Rajjo if she wants gun and tells that he has loaded gun. Rajjo tells that she can’t control now and cries.

Later Amma gets Happu ready in Sherwani. Sultana is also ready. Happu cries and says I don’t want to marry. Amma says even your dad will marry. Rajjo says then get him married. Amma calls Malaika and Kat to come with them to the temple. Rajjo signs the kids. The kids sneeze. Amma scolds them and tells that Happu will marry today itself. Resham Pal comes there and tells that this marriage can’t happen as the girl Sultana is a criminal and Bhullar’s sister. Happu throws his turban. Sultana tells that this is her brother’s revenge, as their mother went into coma seeing his arrest. She runs. Hritik asks Rajjo to hit the ball to her sautan. Rajjo throws the ball and it hits on Amma’s head. Amma faints.

Doctor comes and tells that someone did it intentionally. Rajjo tells that she was hitting Sultana and the ball hit on her head mistakenly. Amma gains consciousness and asks Happu why is he wearing groom’s clothes and asks why I am wearing such clothes. She asks if he is planning to get remarried and leave Rajjo and 9 kids. She says she won’t let this happen and asks who is she? Rajjo is shocked. Amma laughs and tells that she is joking and asks why did you keep this hair style.

Malaika talks to her friend and tells that her elder sister irritates her and doesn’t let her study. Kat hears her and argues with her. Malaika calls her sukhi ladki. Kamlesh comes there….Kat asks if she is thin. Kamlesh tells that he has a song to tell about her. He plays the song Chammak Challo. They dance. Malaika beats Kamlesh. Kat tries to stop her.

Later Amma, Happu and their family members come home after attending a marriage. The kids dislike the food. Amma says food was food. Happu says I felt food is good. Rajjo asks him not to lie and tells that food was not tasty. She tells that the family was not good.

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