Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th September 2020 Episode starts with Karishma asks the theatre artiste that if the work is done. The theatre artiste tells that they were strange family. Rajjo comes there and tells that she will convince them that she is from a royal family. Karishma asks her to pay them 500 Rs each. Rajjo tells that she didn’t bring so much money and gives them some money. The theatre artiste takes the money. Rajjo thanks her friend and goes back home. Amma is sad and asks Ranbir to stop singing. Happu comes there and tells that Ranbir’s royal blood is boiling up. Amma says your blood is boiling more and tells that she can sense fraud in this. Happu tells that Rajjo has the attitude. Amma says it is wrong. Happu feels great to be her husband and tells that she walks straight like Maharani, when she brings tea. Amma doesn’t agree. Happu tells that Rajjo married a common man like me. Amma slaps him and tells that she is fooling us. She asks him to leave.

Happu says don’t slap me more else my face will disfigure and it doesn’t suit royal family. Amma slaps him on the other cheeks and says now it is balanced. She asks him to go. Kat tells the kids about their royal power. Kamlesh comes there and tells that all kids are here. He asks Kat to get ready for an outing in Kanpur. Kat tells that she is not coming as he has become a princess. She tells him that her mother is a princess and if she goes with him, it will not go with her high status. Malaika thinks he will not come now. Hritik asks him to go. Kamlesh calls him cockroach. Kat says we are from a royal family and tells that they know their family tree and asks him to go and find from his Papa tree. Kamlesh says we are good friends. Malaika asks her to go. Kat tells that she is King Kumari Kat now. Kamlesh says please. Malaika asks him to go and makes him leave from the window.

Happu comes to Beni’s house. Beni tells that he has taken care of the guy. Happu asks why you are happy as you are not yet married. Beni says he is excited. Happu says he came to meet Bitto. Bitto says he is fine. Beni tells that he will take 4 horses baraat to marry Vimlesh. Happu asks how you will go on four horses. Beni tells that he will sit on the chariot ride by the 4 horses. He tells that he is excited to marry a Princess and that too Vimesh.

Next morning, Amma asks Rajjo if I shall tell something if you don’t feel bad. Rajjo asks her to say. Amma says just as you cutting the lauki, it seems you are an ordinary woman. Rajjo tells that her father got her training in common man’s house. Amma says why your father haven’t come? Rajjo tells that my father can’t come in such a small house. Amma asks what do you mean, why did your father get you marry here? Rajjo tells that Pandit ji asked him to get me married in a small house, and Sainik found your home as the smallest. She pretends as if she is getting call from Maharaj. She picks the call and greets her fake father. The theatre artiste reads the papers and tells that he has killed the sainiks who were against him. Rajjo asks if you are fine. He says yes and asks if her mother in law troubles her. Rajjo says no and tells that the family is ordinary, just as they found. He ends the call. Amma hears everything and asks her to clean the rice.

Rajjo’s friend pay money to the artiste. Kamlesh comes to his father’s juice shop and asks about his grand daughter. His father thinks how to tell him, who is his grand daughter? Kamlesh asks who? Hritik shows attitude towards Ranbir. They argue. Hritik says I am yuvraj of badampur. Ranbir asks who made you? Hritik says he is dear to his mother. Ranbir says even I am. chamchi comes there and asks why you both are fighting. They kids argue.

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